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    I'm posting this hear to since it's an CL listing and want to move fast if it's a good deal.

    Wear looking at buying an EDM with a Fanuc control. What can you tell me about this control. This will be my first CNC type of machine. Is it junk, What programs will it integrate with? I have no clue on this type of machine. He wants 3500.00 for it 17X22 table. I know it's old but looks to be in great shape. It's an Elox series H. Should I stay away from this older operating software.

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    Fanuc is probably the most common industrial cnc control on the market and is well supported by Fanuc America and many independents. Downside is that components can be expensive and there is a bit of a learning curve compared to some of the "friendlier" controls. Make sure that it runs as advertised and backup the parameters before you move it (if something happens and it loses them without a backup you can have a big paperweight).


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      I would agree with MickeyD. Every control has its ups and downs. Fanuc has a presence here in the US and can be contacted for assistance.

      Indeed, back up the parameters. When downloading a program there is a key sequence that you have to hit to get the parameters on the older controls. The new ones may have an option for the download.

      Get a new backup battery for it before the move. This will help guard against issues.

      Get the books! Those things cost big bucks if you order them!

      Also, many machine dealers will be able to download the parameters if you are not sure on the process. Our old dealer had a tech than knew many of the parameter locations and could turn on things like rigid tapping in the control if you traded him some scrap.

      Good luck
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        The back up battery issue concern me. This EDM has been sitting for awhile. He clams it came out of a community collage and was working when he got it but he never got it up and running or tried. So how long will the battery stay good if not plugged up.


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          Some fanucs use D cells for battery backup, some use coin cells. If the batteries go dead I hope there is a backup of the parameters. Otherwise there are about 900 parameters that need to be set.


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            I think a few more questions are in order before I buy the EDM. It might be junk Considering age and loss of parameters.