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OT-Worst splinter ever!!!

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  • OT-Worst splinter ever!!!

    I spent most of the night last night in the ER because my wife got the mother of all splinters rammed under her fingernail. She swung her hand in just the right (or wrong) way and snagged a piece of a bar stool at her mom's house. It went right under her fingernail and all the way through the cuticle. They couldn't get a good grip on it and it kept shredding, so they had to cut most of the nail away in order to get it out. Here's a picture of the remains of it next to my thumb and the spot on the bar stool from whence it came. The original piece was about 3/16" wide, 5/8" long, and maybe about .020" thick.

    Stuart de Haro

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    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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      :-( I hope she doesn't hurt too much.


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        Now that has got to hurt. I have had splinters under my finger nail, but nothing like that. Hope your wife feels better. Stan


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          That was nasty, gives me the creeps thinking about it, Perhaps a bunch of flowers tommorrow to cheer her up.


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            Years back we were docking a ski boat on the river and I was hooking the bow line loop down on a piling. I ended up running a big creosote soaked Trinity River splinter that was about 3/16th" wide under my middle fingernail so far that it came out at the top of the first knuckle. The buddy that saw it happen turned white and I grabbed another beer and the catfish pliers that I pulled it out with. I went and got it flushed out at the ER so that it would not get infected and fall off and that hurt way more than going in or coming out. The bad thing about it is that it still itches most of the time 25 years later.


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              Once saw a guy get p---ed and kick a pallet.....which had a nail sticking out,which rode right up under his big toenail That hurt like hell from across the shop.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                This still makes me pucker 45 years later.

                Working for a carpenter, we were handing down scaffold planks and one slipped.
                His instinct was to wrap his arms around it.

                Went to set the plank down and he couldn't move.

                When he grabbed the plank to him it sent a sliver just under the skin of his chest and stomach, maybe 14" long!!!

                If he hadn't been such a scrawny old git it would've gone right into his guts.

                Hope your Mrs. feels better soon.
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                  You guys are making my wife feel better. Me, not so much.
                  Stuart de Haro


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                    Are you going to glue it back on the stool?


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                      Worst splinter I ever saw was a young guy running through a paddock at night and collided with a tree branch from a old fallen tree. Ended up with a part of the tree through the inner thigh from front to back. I suppose he was lucky it wasn't a little higher.



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                        Originally posted by wierdscience
                        Once saw a guy get p---ed and kick a pallet.....which had a nail sticking out,which rode right up under his big toenail That hurt like hell from across the shop.
                        Reminds me of a time when I was working extra hours driving recovery vehicles to get some extra money just after we were first married.
                        We had dropped this truck off and were driving back and the boss said to call round this guys house so we went.
                        Turns out this guy dealt with damaged tins of food for salvage companies, thinks like a load tipped over and he's buy it, remove the labels, write on in a felt tip pen what was in the tins etc

                        So we went round and this big guy comes out, just pants vest and braces, no shoes or socks and set off down the yard to a big shed where he kept all this gear.
                        It was rapidly getting dusk and they were kids toys all over the yard, He's muttering things like "Bloody kids, toys everywhere " etc and took a kick at this small football which went rolling away.

                        Only thing was it wasn't a football but a curled up hedgehog.

                        This guy is hopping about on one foot swearing away and Len the boss is trying not to laugh and make hand signals for me to do the same.

                        How we managed to buy these tins and get out without laughing I don't know but in the truck we both burst out laughing, set off then had to pull over because Len was crying that much he couldn't see ! Got back to base and tried to tell Kit, Lens wife what happened but neither of us could stop laughing.

                        Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.