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Off Topic- But still an engineering problem

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  • Off Topic- But still an engineering problem

    Talk about some real expensive bad luck, Scotland has just landed with something that is a real shame, You may all remember a few months ago, i mentioned the extremely nasty hydro electric power station disaster on the Yanesi river in Siberia, Well on a smaller scale with fortunately no loss of life, but a great expense & loss of revenue factor, Here is the story.
    Above Inverness in the highlands of Scotland over the last five years, a rather nice state of the art Hydro electric generating station called Glendoe was constructed This facility was started up about June of this year, and was a complete success Until approx two months ago, the pressure of water feeding the turbine on load, dramatically fell away, and totally failed, It would seem for some strange reason an enormous, & unstable rock fall in the three mile long feeder tunnel from the dam at Glendoe, had occured causing total blockage, over a long distance.
    It would seem that the only course of action is to seal off the damaged section of the tunnel and construct a by pass tunnel around the problem, This strikes me as extremely clever thinking, and avoids people being in an extremely dangerous area I wonder if someone on the team had been having a talk with a heart surgeon over a few beers HMMMMMMM - Hydro electric heart surgery?

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    they could use a TBM to stent the artery with a liner!
    hope it dosent affect the highland wine crop!