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  • Finding Elmer???

    Can anyone tell me where I might find a book by Elmer Verburg entitled "Elmer's Engines". Would like to buy it used (if the price were right), but would settle for new, if I have to. Ran across an add, for it, in an old HSM from Mar/Apr 1989. HSM doesn't seem to recognize (or carry) it any longer.

    Only source that I came across for it was, but they say it is "out of print" and don't seem to be able to indicate if I can order one. I put in a request for a used copy, but also don't know if that will be successful.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I spent the better part of a year looking for a copy and finally got one off ebay. I had to pay a little more than I wanted but it is worth every penny. You might try your local library and see if they have a copy.


    • #3 told me they could not get the Village Press books but they might be able wrangle up a photocopy. Then I gave them Village Press's phone number and address...

      If you know the Full name and publisher most big book stores can look it up on a global CD-Rom of all (more or less) publishers (forgot the actual name of the damn thing).

      It is worth a try if you want the book - that is how I got my copy of "Etidorpha".



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        My "retirement" job is part time librarian. I have access to the catalogs of every public library in Connecticut; there's no copy in anywhere here. If anyone has a copy and would be willing to photocopy it, or loan it to me (with a cash deposit to be sure you get it back) so I can do the photocopying, please let me know. It's supposed to be a great book.


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          Here's another URL you can try for locating used books. (I was provided this web address by a local used bookstore.)

          good luck.


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            Thank "all" for the info. I'll try as many of the suggestions as I can.

            Georgeo: If anyone takes you up on the offer, I'd certainly like to obtain a copy. Obviously, I would reimburse you for your troubles. That is....presuming we aren't getting into some "gray area" concerning copyrights or something like that. (Hate jails....and the food sucks.... I hear!!.

            Since you work in the library arena, I'm guessing that you know of some way around those problems. Like for "educational purposes" and "non-profit" situations?

            Just let me know??