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Plumbing in Hydraulics in a shop

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  • Plumbing in Hydraulics in a shop

    I got a very large hydraulic setup. It is 3ph, but I have a 3ph panel I converted with phase convertor.

    I have thought of plumbing in my shop with hydraulics with several quick connects and valves. Looks like the tractor supply is the cheapest on the quick connects.

    If I do that, I will want to move my air compressor outside with the hydraulic power pack. Make some more room for more junk.

    Them power packs are sure noisy. I can hardly hear now. I have been working on a harley with drag pipes. I should plumb in some flex hose to hook to them too. Maybe to a megaphone outside?

    ANyone got a setup like that? (hydraulics?)

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    What will you do with the hydraulics?????

    Paul G.
    Paul G.


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      Yeah. I had a Moog Hydropoint that would drive you nuts. If at all possible put the unit outside. If not you can make a baffle box out of foam insulation, just dont block the motor ventilation.


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        How many HP? What pressure are you running? Use only what you need. Higher pressures generally yield more noise. Adding a valve to dump the pressure line to tank rather than forcing all the oil through the relief valve when high pressure is not needed will reduce noise somewhat, and the oil will stay cooler.
        Be careful about surrounding the tank with a sound enclosure. Unless you are using a heat exchanger, the surface area of the tank is your only cooling method - allow free air flow or force air.

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          Transmission fluid? is that a good substitute for hydraulic oil? It is vegetable oil?

          I am still considering.. maybe two pieces of schedule 80 pipe across the center of my really small shop..

          I want a ironworker shear-bender with a good bit of pressure, A A-frame press, and hydraulic cylinder on my model 3 bender.

          PLUS.. I want a die-mold with press to prefab -prebend my toys from sheetmetal. I am thinking sand bag on bottom plate Spring loaded back to center..

          Time to scoot.. (tattoo time)


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            You should use an anti-wear hydraulic fluid. Synthetics will keep the temperature 40* cooler in the tank - important to help keep hoses from blowing off (the rubber softens and lets loose). ATF if used should bear the same hydraulic spec as your pump, otherwise don't use it. We use Amsoil ATF up here because of the -80* pour point - great for wreckers and other outside stuff. Amsoil has biodegradeable hydraulic fluids too, but it is really, really expensive.