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Any NEW bike Lift Ideas?

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  • Any NEW bike Lift Ideas?

    Well finally shop is almost done wow what a lot of work. I just have to pick up a floor full of shift forks rocker arms pistons cranks rods heads blocks (so much stuff)( LOL) and find a place to store them ,otherwise all i need to do now is Finish My Flow Bench, Find a Decent Motorcycle Lift Table. Im not sure making one is economical with price of components. I sure hate chinese stuff. Any good ideas for a NICE BIKE LIFT? Something thats easy to use? Thanx

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    Although you said no to HF stuff, when I was in there last I saw a new style lift similar in method to the way bicycle shops lift their work; as in a lifted bike but not on a table. This set-up would have easily supported an ElectraGlide. It was basically made from an 4 wheeled engine stand, a hydraulic or air/hydraulic jack and a lift cradle. The concept looked workable to make if you have and old engine stand around. It also takes up much less space.
    Check out ther web page under bike lifts if only for ideas as to what I'm talking about. If I recall it was only about $150 ish. But for that I'd rather weld my own before I put MY electraGlide up one one of theirs! However I did like the smaller than a lift table concept.
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      Madman, try Princess Auto, awhile ago they had them on sale. I picked one up for less than $300.00. They are the table top type where you roll the bike on and then they use a bottle jack that you pump up with the footpedal to raise the scissor table up to a comfortable working height.


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        I hate chinese stuff


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          Handy Motorcycle Lift

          I don't know where you are but I have a Handy Table Air Lift for motorcycles. They are in Marshalltown, Iowa and their products are still, as far as I know, made in the USA in their factory there.

          I've owned it for more than ten years and it's still working perfectly. It will pick up a Honda Goldwing (900 # plus) and it's rated for 1,000 pounds. They have models nowadays with removable panels for rear wheel removal that they didn't have when I got mine. They also have side panels for trikes, snowmobiles, four wheel ORVs and so forth. They are the best in my book but they aren't inexpensive.

          I have no financial interest in the company, unfortunately. I'm just a satisfied customer.

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            I have a Pro-Cycle air over hydraulic lift. If you can find a used one of these, you will be happy. It is not a smooth table lift in that the deck is a diamond plate steel. There is another lift that is of equal quality to the Handy that is manufactured in the USA and is considerably less expensive. I thought I had a book mark for it, but I quit looking at lifts after I found mine. I will keep looking for the link and will post if/when I find it. Try a google search!



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              I scrounged a stretcher that OH&S had discarded from the dumpster, was gonna power the scissor portion, perfect a loading ramp, and put catch trays in the sides for the work area.............still on the tado list...........
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                I'll give another vote for Handy lift. I have used them a bit...and they are professional grade. If I was in the market for a would be a Handy. Call them. They often have deals where they will throw in the front tire clamp and other nice accessories. There are no other lifts in my opinion.

                They are the lift you find in pro shops world wide.



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                  A friend of mine recommended this one to me. Before I had a
                  chance to look into it I had to stop riding (hopefully just temporary)
                  so I never bought one. Might be worth looking into.




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                    I have one like this that i got from canadain tire, i use this one motorcycles sno blowers even used it to help level a porch, the thing has so many good uses. i dont think id try lifting my car or truck with it but for what it made for and other uses i have found for it its pretty slick and i got it on sale for 80.00 bucks canadian of course,