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Old Starret Dial Indicator Attachment

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  • Old Starret Dial Indicator Attachment

    I first found this dial indicator attachment over thirty years ago brand new in a Starret box in a box of junk going to the scrap pile. I found it again a few months ago when going through a box of obsolete Cummins engine tools I had built many years ago.
    I built a dial indicator holder for my mill using it and it works very well.

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    I have one and use it from time to time. Looking at your photo you need to have more of an angle on the rod. It is almost touching the jaw on the vise and you don't want that to happen. You want the ball to do the work.
    It's only ink and paper


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      I have a couple of them .Use them when indicating in a bore in the lathe mostly. I have one bent so to reach through a hole and indicate on the back face of a part very handy.
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