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Replacing the drive/timing belt on mini lathe

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  • Replacing the drive/timing belt on mini lathe

    I did a quick search, and couldn't find anything.

    I'm wondering, has anyone here replaced the drive/timing belt on their mini-lathe? Mine broke yesterday, and while I'm waiting for a new one to arrive, thought I'd investigate replacing it... I'm curious as to how much dismantling I will have to do.. hopefully I can put ALL the parts back in their proper places!


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    have a look at


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      There's not a lot to it: remove the cover, loosen the motor mount, install the belt. The trick is to get the motor aligned properly so the belt doesn't wear or rub - often takes a couple tries to get it right.

      Some helpful pictures and info here:

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        Not too bad...

        I had to replace mine a while back. Remove the black box/cover over the motor on the back of the lathe. The motor mounting screws are under the plastic box that holds the spindle drive. The real pain come when you try to tension the belt. there are 2 studs coming through the front of the lathe that come from the motor housing and 2 bolts that go through the front and push on the motor housing. you will have to play with tightening and adjusting several times until you get the tension just right. When the tension is too tight the lathe won't rev to top speed, and if too loose the belt will have slop. You also have to make sure the motor isn't tilted as that will cause annoyance also. It isn't a hard job, you just have to have a bit of time and patience to get it tuned in correctly.

        I think that the belt on mine failed because it was too loose. Overloaded it and it started skipping which put some rather high shock loads on the belt.


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          Awesome help.. thanks!

          I didn't realize that all the speed change gears were attached to the housing.. and I only needed to remove 2 more allen bolts. Looks like I may have had some belt rubbing as well, giving the wear pattern. My belt snapped, and was cracked in 4 other places. I guess I'll be ensuring its level now.



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            I have a Microlux 7x16 Sieg mini lathe. I want to increase torque at the cost of speed. I have been searching the market for a smaller motor pulley (13 teeth instead of 20 teeth) and a new suitable belt. The problem is that the motor belt and the pulleys on the mini lathe has a tooth pitch of 4.6 mm whereas standards on the market seem to be 0.08", 0.2" or 3/8" pitch.

            Has anyone attempted the same mod and where can I find a belt with suitable pitch?