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Knee mill lock question.

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  • Knee mill lock question.

    I've an 1965 Index mill. The table moves a few thousands up when I lock in the knee. Question, is this normal, or are the gibs a little off? Wear in some other part?

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    That is why you tram the mill with the knee locked.


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      Duh, that makes since. Hey, I am blonde. So when I need to move knee up to make a deeper cut, it would be like back lash in the knee screw/ lock? I would need to make a correction for the lock movement.
      Turkey on the brain.


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        If your table moves up a few thousandths when locked, it can only mean that it is dropping a few thousandths when the table is unlocked.

        The only thing that I can think of that will make the table drop/droop would be the gibs are too loose.


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          I think I'll snug the gibs up a little. Thanks.


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            That fixed her right up, Also had a lot of crud down in there where one of the wipers had came loose. Wish my own knee was that easy to fix.
            Thanks a bunch.


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              If you have a cherry picker it's not hard at all to remove the knee and clean everything up. But, any cleaning/lubing is better than what it had.

              Generally you can tighten the gib up as long as movement both up and down stays smooth and not more difficult than it was before adjustment.

              I'm glad it worked out for you.

              a belated Happy Thanksgiving.



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                i cleaned my Bridgeport knee without completely removing it

                if you take the gib strip out...and sling the knee from the ram ..
                you can manipulate the knee ..and get most, if not all of the accumulated crap out of there washing out with kero ..assisted by lengths of those pallet binder nylons tie things...using a sawing action.

                BTW........the knees on these mills never completely lock up ..they only snug up don't be alarmed after you've cleaned out and lubed to find this out .

                all the best.markj