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Looking for 2J Collet Specs--happen to have any?

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  • Looking for 2J Collet Specs--happen to have any?

    Gents--I am needing to set up a internal taper for a 2J Collet and I have unsuccessfully scoured the internet and the Machinist Handbook attempting to find the specifications, specifically the degrees for the taper, found a 3J and it was 7 degrees, 5C is 10 degrees, just cannot put my hands on a 2J.

    Any of you fine gentlemen happen to know of a source for the specs? In advance thanks, as always!

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    That info is surprisingly difficult to find.

    2J was made apparently made by sjogren which was bought out by Hardinge and then ATS. On this page, which seems to pertain to ATS products, it is mentioned that the collet closing angle for 2J is 7 degrees for all the J collets.


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      2j are a 7° taper


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        Gentlemen--you are a Godsend, I searched high and low to find that piece of information, thanks a million for the assistance! I can't tell you how much that is appreciated!