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OT: Craigs List problems?

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  • OT: Craigs List problems?

    I buy and sell stuff on Craig's List. The other day I noticed a posting on CL asking me to respond. I called the guy and he said he had tried several times to contact my anonymous CL email. The good thing was that he bought the mill I was selling. Later I tried to contact my ads with my Blackberry and computer. Neither produced an email reply. I find that my Blackberry email response never produces an email response to my CL email. I am starting to notice that fewer and fewer inquirys to other people's ads on CL elicit any responses. Anyone else experienced such a situation? I have started including my phone number, but I would rather not. Is there anything that can be done with CL to insure I get a good contact

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    Contact their tech support.


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      Rather than give a phone number, you could set up a GMAIL or other free email account to use only for you CL ads and add it to the text of the ad. The gmail spam filters are pretty good and you can consider the account "disposable." I keep one or two of such accounts just for stuff like that.


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        I use gmail for CL. But I have been having to look in the spam mail list to find replies and the publish email from CL.

        This just started. I am marking them as "Not Spam" so maybe gmail will change it's mind.


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          I've almost given up on CL lately because there are few responses to my email inquiries, and some sellers refuse to accept email due to spam issues.

          Alanganes' suggestion for sellers to include a gmail address in their ad sounds good -- but only if you want your stuff to sell.