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Image reversal utility?

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  • Image reversal utility?

    Does anyone know of a small program (preferably freeware) which will change a drawing having a black background with white lines to white background with black lines? Thanks.

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    Image - invert colours.
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      Thank you Peter

      I have paint, but never thought of it.


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        Irfanview is a pretty handy program that will do that too.
        I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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          I second Irfanview, absolutely great freeware program.


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            Everyone has their image software preferences and some like it simple, which is fine and actually better if you don't want a bunch of clutter you don't use.

            I like to spend time getting familiar with more complex programs so I can use the same one for whatever comes up. If your preferences are similar, I strongly recommend looking into GIMP for image stuff. I'm not an expert so I don't know what it would lack compared to full-blown Photoshop, but it sure seems to me to be about the same thing, except it's free. I like free. Photoshop costs several weeks of my wages so for me it's a no-brainer.

            Note that in addition to the feature-rich "as-is" downloaded program, there are tons of add-ons you can also download for free.

            The more I use GIMP, the more I like it.

            p.s. I use Linux and I think that's the OS for which GIMP was intended, but it works in Windows too. Actually it comes bundled with Linux. However, the only added complexity is you have to download the typical "setup.exe". It's linked from the site I posted above. It might just be a single download, but at most it's only two. From my PC the windows download is a link at the bottom of that page.
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              Yes, Paint is probably the simplest way. It has some great abilities for so simple of a program.

              Paint.Net is also free and a lot better. Just Google (or Bing) for it.

              There must be ten thousand others. This is a fairly basic feature for a graphics program.
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                Cost = nil.

                Dead simple and fast and easy to learn.

                This took less than two (maybe only one) minutes.


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                  Hard work for ink and toner cartridges.
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                    Laser -the amazer

                    Thanks Weston.

                    That is why - at long last - I don't use my ink-jet printers for printing - at all.

                    I bought a laser printer (B&W) and its does all I need. Its amazing how good "back and white" (shades of grey) can be. I rarely ever printed in colour anyway. No more "streaky lines" or cartridges running out, cleaning - all at the wrong times etc.

                    My Epson Multi-Function ink-jet printer has a great scanning function and I keep it for that. The laser - Brother MFP - is very sharp and very quick but while the scanner is OK (for pics for Photo-Bucket etc.) it is not as good as the Epson. I really bought the laser for its excellent copy functions.

                    The toner cartridge replacement is not too expensive at all for what it does -and does well.


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                      Irfanview has the capability to combine images as well. You can add borders if you wish, trim as wanted, fit together vertically or horizontally, resize in any way you want, sharpen, adjust parameters- and it's still free and - runs under win 98, xp, and I'm pretty sure I had it working under vista.

                      Still just from my perspective of course, but I have paint, corel draw, photoshop, -guess which one I use-

                      Ok, I admit it, Irfan paid me to say all these good things about his product not

                      add to that- you can save in many formats, which I haven't played with much, but in jpg I know you can save in full quality and lesser qualitiy by choice. That lets you look at the image and determine at what point you begin to lose important detail, then you can choose the level and save on file size-. Hey, for many that makes a big difference to upload speed and download speed.
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                      I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                        W7 too

                        Windows 7 too.



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                          Thanks for all the replys. The file I'm trying to work with is retractingtoolholder.dwg. It's a drawing of the George Thomas retracting threading tool holder. I used Zamzar to convert it to pdf, but didn't like the black field with white lines. That's too hard on the eyes, and would take way too much ink to print, so went looking for a way to invert the colors.

                          Tried Gimp, but it crashes every time I try to use it. Tried paint, it wants bmp files, and that was going to be a 246 mb file when converted to bmp, so that's out. Installed Ifranview, it wants me to download CS_manager which is commercial software. So I'm still looking at white on black.

                          I'm an Ubuntu newbie so I have Gimp which is supposed to be very good, but this was my first try at using it. Tried it on a lesser file and it still crashed. Reinstalling Gimp didn't help.

                          This is mainly my way of trying to learn to work with various file formats on both XP and Ubuntu. I'll get on the Ubuntu forum and see if I can get some help with the Gimp problem. Thanks again for all the interest shown.


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                            Well, luminance inversion is isn't a lot to ask of an image processing program.

                            For the occasional image, a gui program like GIMP/cinepaint, imal, or imagej may be appropriate. Gimp does take a little getting used to.

                            If you need to do it to a lot of images, then a command line package like imagemagick or netpbm is more efficient.

                            The ones mentioned are free of charge, come with source code, and run on most OSes, unlike irfanview, paint, and photo$hop. With source, if something happens to the people or companies behind these programs, others can carry on the work.


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                              Cs_manager- what's that all about. I didn't see that anywhere. My latest download of Irfanview was about two months ago and no problem. Hmm.
                              I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-