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eliminating play in B-port crosslides

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  • eliminating play in B-port crosslides

    i was looking at some old Bridgeports, one being an M-head. the x- and y-axis feeds have a good bit of play in them (like 1/4 turn of the handles), and i was wondering what is involved in trying to remove some of it. i never owned a milling machine and only had limited chances to play on one, so i don't know what is a big problem and what can be fixed by me in my home shop (well, messy garage).


    andy b.
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    Backlash can come from several different sources.

    1) The screw can be floating. One end should be trapped, if it isn't this will show up as backlash.

    2) The nuts can be loose in their housing.

    3) The carrier for the nuts (the part they a held into) can be loose.

    4) The nuts can be worn.

    5) The screws can be worn.



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      All the above is true, 1/4 turn ain't all that bad, and B'ports have adjustable nuts to reduce backlash.
      Jim H.