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  • custom shape steel bar

    Thinking about dovetails- now I'm wondering if you can buy steel or cast bar that has an angle already made on one edge- say .5 thick, .75 wide with one .5 inch edge on an angle of 30-35 degrees. The user would cut his own lengths and make a built-up slide assembly himself.

    Did some searching but didn't come up with anything. I could take some 1.5 inch wide bar and cut it lengthwise at an angle, then mill that to a decent finish and I'd have it. I've done that before to build a sliding mechanism and it works well. Be nice if you could buy a length already prepared though. Just wondering if that type of thing is available, and where to get it. I'll ask my local supplier on monday, but I figured someone here would know.
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    You can buy dovetail aluminum extrusions, perhaps not steel. Take a look at the laboratory equipment suppliers, such as Thor Labs.


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      think you gona have to buy a milling machine!, look on the bright side you can have hours of fun and make just about anything! [just watch your fingers like any machine, you dont want to be called 9 1/2]
      if you cant be bothered then theres a great big heard of amatuer and professional chip makers who will oblige


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        Can't say iv seen much in a dovetail.. you can however buy precision rod and round linear guides, and these cool rods that actualy have a support under them, and linear guides that have a gap to fit over the support, Basicly its so your rod doesnt sag in the center because now its fully supported.

        Usally you use two rods to prevent the load from rotating freely. Some of the linear guides even come in captive ball bearing style (ie little balls that circulate inside) for low friction.

        you could also buy precision square stock and clamp/weld something togethor

        Once I saw a non precision linear guideway made by taking a plate of steel, and puting a long 1/4" plate under it, and welding two 1" wide 1/4" thick tabs on either side of the long plate, then welding two 2" wide tabs to the 1" wide tabs so that it 'locked' the long 1/4" plate in place, but still let it slide along its length.
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