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Well, compressor finally done.... and I got to use a tool out of the tool chest I got

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  • Well, compressor finally done.... and I got to use a tool out of the tool chest I got

    I just finished plumbing/re-plumbing/ checking the new compressor...(still need to finish electrical.. including a box with a magnetic switch)

    A mighty big thanks to a few of you on here who helped.. they are WierdScience, Rockrat, Roy Andrews, Arcane and Doozer plus any others that chimed in on my many (and probably annoying) threads on this thing.

    I ran my Dynabrade 5" ROS that is supposed to have 16scfm at 90psi and the compressor not only kept up with it running full blast, but even gained just a tad on it. To completely fill up from 0 to 125psi, took only 2min 45seconds, and best of all, my wife who was on the other was didnt even notice it was running

    What was really nifty is that I really needed a 1/4 NPT tap to fix some threads on the pressure switch cause I had a close nipple fail... I rummaged through the new/ old tool box and I found 18 taps in just the top tray, and low and behold a 1/4 NPT.... saved the deal.... I am including pics to show before and after, as I am proud of my effort and work..

    Next project that I get to annoy you all with.....

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    Looks good if its gonna be a perma install, you might wanna put the regulator at the end of the hose where you plan to use the air, makes it more convient to adjust, and insures the air is regulated after all the drops in the hoses, not before.
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      Mr Moons,

      Not sure what I am gonna do with that part yet.. thought of running some pex tubing along a wall for convience, but not ready for that... I have a garage to clean.


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        NICE! Someday my single-stage "ear cruncher" will break and I'll get a quieter two-stage. It sounds like yours is working perfectly.

        andy b.
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