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  • OT Question for my Canadian Friends

    Hey Folks, a question about perscription drugs. Our government is in a sweat about people buying their drugs from Canadian sources. Most of our politicians are bought by the drug manufacturers so they are trying to squash this. The biggest argument they have is that the drugs are not safe. Yes, we need Big Brother to keep us safe. I'd like to know if there is a problem with people up there dying from their perscription drugs? Does it cut into your health care when drugs are sold to Americans? Also, how hard is it to immigrate? And is there work up there for a journey machinist? Thanks all for your answers. Sorry about the OT post, but I don't know any other Canadians. Smitty
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    The drugs are safe, they are the exact same drugs sold in the US, made by the same companies. We have price and profit controls on drugs here. A prescription for Tamoxifen that sells for over $200 in the US sells for $39 here. US customers are being ripped off. It has no impact on our health care here, pretty hard for it to get any worse. The system is broke and broken.

    Don't know about immigrating but the economy here is a lot better than in the US in general. Local areas here, especially the back province areas in BC are not good (mad cow, softwood lumber duties), but the major centers are going strong. If you are thinking of immigrating you must make all inquiries and arrangements from OUTSIDE of Canada.
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        No idea Dan. I hear it's pretty good in India though.

        The noise about counterfeit drugs is mostly noise. There are some online scam "pharmacies" operating from Canadian servers (NOT shipping from Canada though, they would be shut down in a heartbeat) but that is not what the drug companies care about. The real threat to them are the completely legitimate pharmacies that are selling into the US. They are selling the products that they buy from those very same companies at far lower prices.
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          I live just So. of BC Canada and buy my prescription drugs in Creston. No problem.

          I believe the reason the drug prices are so high at this time is so when the US Gov. starts paying for them,at the prevailing rates, we will have a harder time proving "rip off." The taxpayers still get it in the shorts!


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            Hey Smitty.....I tend to agree with some of the other postings....Americans, in general are being royally ripped off by the drug co's. Our medical system up here is gradually (or not so gradually) being screwed up but its still pretty good. Don't think you've got any worries about "lousy drugs"...they're exactly the same. In fact I'd be curious to know what percentage Pfizer & the rest of 'em export to the U.S. from here.
            As far as immigration & work for machinists....I'm a journeyman Millwright by trade and if you're in/around Toronto/windsor there's LOADS of work...not sure what the wages are like, or what its like in other parts of the country but I gotta assume its a "decent amount".

            Take care!


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              Yes, you have two issues.
              The website sellers may not have the best intentions when they ship counterfit drugs, but the Canadian Pharmacies have good stuff.
              As far as who is right ? well we can all point fingers, but you should get informed instead of just throwing out accusations.

              Reminds me of loosing all our manufacturing short some people memories are in remembering that they wanted all the foundries shut down due to air/water polution and the need for home locations
              (remember.."no acid rain" and "not in my backyard')
              We have less the 10% of the foundries we had 25 years ago...and you wonder why all machine tools are made elseware...give me a break
              Do you know what Liability Insurance is in this country ??


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                Just what have you guys heard about the Clinton tainted blood scandal,it was covered up in the media here.

                Ya the grug companies do make a sizable profit,but don't underestimate the patent violations that occur either,French companies steal patents all the time,I got a cousin who works for Squib,they had one drug that took 14 years of research to isolate the protien that produces the drug,also cost Squib $90 mill to do it,drug was on the market 1 year French company counterfits it undersells Squib on the world market and they take a beating,what does the government do?Nothing.
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                  Also don't forget that the cost of having the FDA evaluate a drug costs an enormous amount of money. The drug companies pass this on to the consumer as well as the high liability insurance costs. Other countries don't have these costs and can more easily charge a better retail price.
                  As an aside; my next door neighbor is a large animal vet. I asked him about the quality of drugs used on animals. He said that the quality is the same as for humans.(considering the cost of a show horse I don't doubt it)


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                    I don't know about the job situation in any area but southern alberta. Not much happening here. Mines have been combined to reduce operating costs and lumber has the added tariff's......about the drugs....I don't think the prescriptions are a problem but I know I have a heck of a time finding safety glasses to fit my third eye


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                      Just had to add my 2 cents worth...being a senior in Ontario, I pay only $6.11 for each prescription, the rest is picked up by the Ontario government. (O.H.I.P.)

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                        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by shaque:
                        Just had to add my 2 cents worth...being a senior in Ontario, I pay only $6.11 for each prescription, the rest is picked up by the Ontario government. (O.H.I.P.)
                        You mean of course, ...pickup up by taxpayers...

                        I'm headed back to Canada from New Zealand in early November. The medical care system is broke in both countries. All socialized "free" medical care systems end up the same way - broke, busted, expensive, inconvenient, restrictive. I ruptured my Achilles tendon in New Zealand. Was told I had a six week wait if I depended on public heath care, but a six day wait (for swelling to subside) and a private room with buxom nurses if I used private insurance. More or less the same in many Canadian provinces for "non-emergency" orthopedic surgery except private healthcare is outlawed.


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by chkz:
                          Hey Smitty.....I tend to agree with some of the other postings....Americans, in general are being royally ripped off by the drug co's.</font>
                          The "marginal" cost of drugs is so low that drug companies can change low prices in countries where the market has limited money to spend, yet still come out ahead. Everybody benefits. Canadian and other third world consumers get low prices. USA customers get slightly lower prices than if those third world drug sales were never made, because third world sales contribute a bit to fixed costs. It's a win-win, and its a major mistake to assume that SINCE there is a price differential there MUST be rip-off. There may be rip-offs, but not because of price differentials.

                          This is all elementary economics that somehow never gets understood by the public.

                          If drug company profits were capped, there would be less research and fewer new drugs. Not much of a victory for consumers. Canada's drug industry died in the 1960s for this exact reason - public outrage over "drug company ripoff profits". Drug companies stopped doing much research in Canada. So, Canada is now dependent on USA capitalism for new medicines. Another example of Canadian socialism surviving because of the rich and generous Uncle next door.

                          Much of Canada's cradle to grave welfare expansion in the 60s and 70s was built on munitions profits during the Vietnam war. Not a widely known fact, but true.


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                            Lies, all lies. They screw us here too - the drug companies just screw you even more in the US!

                            I have to buy $1400/mo of prescription drugs - they used to cost nearly $4000/mo. I also buy mine at Costco Pharmacy (great people) as they are the cheapest in the city. I know a few people that had to have special injections that were $60,000/shot and it was not covered by their drug plan or Alberta Health Care. Financially ruined them.

                            I wish I could have spent all that cash on tools...or BBQ & chocky milk!

                            Who told you this crap? Profits are not capped for any industry in Canada.

                            And if Canada is a "third world country" I am sure you won't want to use Penicillin, pacemakers, heart transplants, liver transplants, or many of the hundreds of other Canadian innovations in use the world over. Most oil recovery technology is developed in Canada or the Middle east - NOT the US. Canada has the best telecom system in the world. The Canada arm made the shuttle a viable enterprise and the Space station a reality. We do have a third rate political system...

                            Don't be a narrow minded nincompoop - it does not become you.

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                              Canada does have price regulation of drugs. That is a defacto profit cap.
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