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  • An idea about gibs

    Hi, I just had a thought. It hurt badly and I hope another doesnt occure anytime soon but anyway, If insted of having a small gib on the moving part of the table, What if you had a gib the length of your dovetail/travel?
    and multiple gib adjustment screws
    Would'nt it then be possable to have a gib thats tight throughout the travel without binding, reguardless how you wear the ways?
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    How would you adjust it without some complicated fixings, thats why they are kept simple and certainly not perfect but just good enough forthe job.

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      No, you would still have local wear where the carriage is used the most. That is what happens to the lathe ways and the dovetails on the mill table. Most lathes are used close to the chuck and the wear is there. The mill table is used mostly centered up so the wear is in the center of the table dovetails.

      All the wear would still appear in the area that is the most used.
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        Originally posted by Carld
        All the wear would still appear in the area that is the most used.
        So you'd use one of the 10 adjusting screws to tighten it up in the center.

        As mentioned, how would you get at those multiple adjusting screws hidden behind the dovetails?

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          I have blade grinders at work that have multi-adjustment screws and the are a pain the arss. With the wear in the rails it is also impossible to get the gibb adjusted the way you want without binding in spots. Two of the machine have a double gibb which is real pain to adjust. In short simpler the easier and least time consuming.


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            There's another posible problem. With wear gibs accumulate stress causing them to bow slightly. This does not interfer with normal operation but if the gib extended beyond the slide a gap could open. Foreign matter could sift into the gap blocking inward movement of the gib. Crank back the slide and suddently you have interferance.

            Another point is what means would you use to adjust the gib? Side located set screws are out for flat gibs. Tapered gibs have to be moved along the slide axis taper to take up the clearance. Gibs are usually long and skinny. The gib adjutment feature would have to prevent the end from splaying. Maybe an inverted cone machined under a thick headed adjutment screw.

            From this maybe it's better if a tapered gib is fully housed.
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              I know wear would cause accuracy problems, but im talking more about just keeping the gibs reasonabley tight thoughout.
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