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  • Diodes

    Here are the numbers from the diodes that I got from ibewgypsie for those who are looking for some.

    I v R m9661-32 mexico 8850

    I ^ R m9661-32R mexico 8850

    This is the only identification on them. The "v" and the "^" represent the directional symbols.
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    Hey, you been rummaging through my junk pile?


    They all are different.. I think new they are about $225 each.. FOUR of them would break my bank at this moment..

    I still have a couple of welders.... Not taken apart yet..

    WE bought some used square wave welders for our shops.. I regret buying the hobart stickmate I got new.. Square wave machines will weld circles around it.

    Did ya get them things clean? I think I shipped them dirty... The junk man thought they were some kind of spark plugs.. I told him they did in fact make sparks..


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      $225? Nah... I get em for about $20 each.


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        Somewhere between the local UPS office and George, UPS or Canadian customs made a few dollars. I paid shipping, AND, GA paid COD..

        Anyone else had problems sending to Canada with UPS?

        $225 was what I paid for some similar diodes & Scr bridge combo (x4) recently at a industrial supply. if you got any cheaper, let us all in on it. As to the where. Lots of other people want diodes, I am out here. The well done run dry.

        Every welder had a different brand and size diode in it. I think the one I shipped GW was single phased out. The others were 6 diodes on the bridge.

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          If you can avoid do not send stuff to Canada via a courier service. It will have to be cleared by a customs broker with attendant expensive charges. The best is to send parcel post via US Postal Service.

          As for the diodes see here for $31.38US

          Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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            This is the lowdown on US to Canada shipping:

            UPS red label includes brokerage. Ground they charge a minimum of $35 plus taxes.

            Fedex charges $15.00 + taxes

            Trucking is cost plus, brokerage can cost over $250...

            Ship by the post office - when they do charge duty (half the time they let them through N/C) it is $5.35 fee plus the GST on the value o fthe goods (in Canadian Dollars).

            I always have stuff sent by USPS to Canada - excellent service!


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              Sometimes it is hard to get places to ship P.S. They all want to use UPS or FEDEX. Especially when they come accorss the border....verry expensive.



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                Yep, about $32-38 is list. I guess I got a fair deal at $20. How many do you want?

                Mine are 400amp @ 175v. The only problem (maybe) is that mine are all Cathode to case.

                I used to get SCR's for even less. About $15 for 600v/175a, 3v trigger.


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                  If you need more let me know and I will dig through the shed. I should even have heatsinks for them.

                  At one time Princess auto had 1000A SCRs for less than $10 each. These had a heavy copper cable attached to the top main terminal and a 5/8" or 3/4" stud mount.

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                    I found the reciept on this end.. $27 plus a box charge.. A little more than I anticipated. I shipped about ten items that day and didn't catch it. SO? UPS is crooked? I hope crooked by accident. George paid on his end too. Looks like everyone came out except George and me.

                    I remember shipping USPS last time.. marked on there it was a gift. Does that make a difference? (I think it might have been a dead chip to a Large pink gorilla)

                    I guess that stung enough to remember? Karate classes, them lessons on what to block left bruises.. HA..


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                      Like Thrud I think I have a box of diodes,littl'ns and great big'uns I'll look,also might have some full wave bridges if anybodys interested.
                      I just need one more tool,just one!


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                        I wonder if those 1000a SCR's could be used as a starter solenoid? Hummmmmm. I may have to give that a try some day.


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                          When you sent the chip I did not have to pay the duty. Like I said, they sometimes let them through without looking at them.

                          At the same time, they are not stupid either, and realize everything sent across the boarder is most likely commercial traffic. As such, they force you to place actual dollar amount on the declaration even if it is a gift. They changed this recently - I found this out when I sent Shed (John) some goodies.

                          And yes, I don't trust UPS as far as I can throw them. Don't like their "tough sh*t" attitude either.


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                            CCW, the action of an scr is that it latches on, then doesn't shut off until the current through it drops below the holding current. This happens with ac 60 or 120 times each second, but with dc, once it's on, it's on. Unless it's a gated on, gated off type, or you interrupt the current by some other means (mechanically).
                            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                              BUT, if you use two scr's and two diodes the current is still ac going through the bridge and you can ramp the power up or down by varying the gate power on the scrs. it will not latch since the ac power wave ramps back to zero in between phases.

                              My lil lincoln mig works like this, I took it apart and looked. It has been bulletproof for the last 7 or 8 years. I even tig welded with the power source by opening up the side, attaching the tig torch to the power, turning down the wire feed, and tying the trigger down.