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Bridgeport Vari Drive Belt OR Gates Snomobile ??

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  • Bridgeport Vari Drive Belt OR Gates Snomobile ??

    Wondering if any of you guys out there know if there is any difference between the Bridgeport brand variable drive belt and a Gates belt of the same size etc. Other than price...... Bridgeport belt $80 Gates snowmobile belt $35.


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    Just make sure it's the right sheave angle.

    I bought a Gate VariSpeed belt for my Clausing, and it's cross-listed with the snowmobile belts.

    On the Clausing, the belt's sheave angle doesn't match the sheave, which I think is by design.

    We've discussed this on the Clausing owners group, and no one is sure if a VariSpeed belt is supposed to match the sheave angle. MickeyD's theory is that you only want the edge of the belt to touch the sheave, and not the whole sidewall, to minimize vibration. My theory is that the belt will generate a lot more heat if the belt sidewall mates perfectly with the sheave, as it slides up and down the sheave (as you're changing speed). I'd love to know how snowmobiles are fitted.
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      That would be a mighty small snowmobile.

      Bridgeports use the cogs in those types of belt whereas sled use the sides (edges) of the belt to grab. On the sled belt the convolutions are there to add "spongyness" so that grip and flex is possible.
      Although the belts share the same physical appearance features, the construction is entirely different.

      So to answer your you can't have a Ski-Mill.


      OH a Vari-Drive? Ahh.... Shows what I know, OOPs. I though we were talking about the little cog belt in the other B ports.
      Funny, I have a taste of feet in my mouth now.
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        Well the angle was the same as the Bridgeport belt so I went for it. Been on 4 years now and no problems. But it squeaks at the lower speeds, time to wax it. The vari drive belt does not run on the cogs, not talking about the timeing belt. The cogs as you call them are so the belt can run around a small diamater.