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breaking the rules for a good cause!

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  • breaking the rules for a good cause!

    I came across a person who is in some hard times he is loosing his house and everything ( he is to proud to diclose this info). He has 2 bridgeport cnc mills for sale for $2000 for both and all tooling (can probably get him down some) have to be gone by the 15th of this month or the bank or trash man gets them.

    1.) is a series II interact 2 the problem with this one is the controller will not come on. 2 hp 3 phase, flood coolent, air assist on everything. everything works expect the programming box on the arm (dont know anything about cnc). very heavy

    2.)is a bridgeport as well dont know exact info i stoped him when he said it was 10 hp and the spindle was locked

    3.) he has a vice, alot of 30 taper tooling (about 30 collets,end mill holders, 13 collet holders, boring head) all manuals for both machines

    he is located in pekin IL if anyone is interested let me know and i will give you his contact info.I can also help in the removel of these machines. (THESE MACHINES ARE BIG AND HEAVY)

    [email protected]

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    If I lived nearby I'd be all over that. Hope someone else steps forward.