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John Deere tractor pulley question

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  • John Deere tractor pulley question

    My son works for a John Deere dealer, he's the parts guy. A customer came in wanting a pulley he could put on the PTO output shaft to drive somthing with. Output shaft is splined (6 splines, 1 3/8 OD I think).

    Son could not find anything in the Deere books, called me to ask if I knew of anything.

    I told him I knew of nothing, but someone must make somthing like that.

    Anyone here aware of somthing like that, 4 to 6" OD/

    One thing I thought of, is the output shaft supported well enough to take a load like that? Bearing?

    Thanks for any light someone can place on this.


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    I think some of the older tractor model MT had that as an option, might try a tractor bone yard or some of the old iron swapmeets could try smokstak or search the net,google or craigslist


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      You might check out Woods belly mowers or a similar company,, a lot of the time they drive the mowers from a pulley mounted on the PTO.

      Hope this helps !

      Have a great day !!



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        The only thing I can think of is a Ag sprayer pump like this
        May he can find an old wore out one that would work as the new ones are rather high priced.


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          AllisChalmers model B,C,CA had a pully for the pto shaft to run a belly mower,some of the JD's did also check with any local antique tractor clubs for help locating a pully


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            I have a Ford 3910 that runs on LP, it was used in a factory to wash the floor and it had a double pulley on the pto, I don't know if any body converts tractors to wash floors anymore but a web search may turn something up.
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              Tractor model might make a little difference, but bearings should take anything a two or three groove pulley can apply.

              May be a machining project. For starters I would go to TSC or similiar and hunt for the upgraded clamp on spray pump coupling used to drive a "Turbo 90" or "Hypro" spray pump. Might be able to slap a taper lock hub and sheave onto the bare coupling. (The cheesey quick coupler type couplings tend to self destruct from radial load applied by spray pumps. Thus the upgrade to clamp on coupler.)

              Might also check "Ace" brand spray pumps. We use their hydraulic drive version, but I think they make a version belt driven off crankshaft or PTO. Maybe.



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                Is it for a V belt or a flat belt? I have seen the ones for a flat belt that bolt over the pto shaft for older tractors.You could change the flatbelt pulley out to a Vbelt one I guess. On my old 70JD you just put the belt over the outside of the clutch to run stationary equipment.


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                  Well Steve if you where closer I would say stop by with a pulley. I'd chuck it up in the lathe bore it then simply toss it into the shaper and have those 6 splines cut in no time. So know anyone with a shaper in your area?
                  Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                    One of these,mill a keyway on the od,fit a pully and your done.


                    Now if he wants a right angle drive,that is another story.Hubcity used to make one,but I think they quit.Best way is to build up a 3 point frame and use a short PTO shaft to a mandrel.
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                      Tractor Supply or other generic farm store would be likely to have a suitable hub in the driveline stuff. It should be possible to get a taper-lock hub and matching pulley without machining but it would be a simple machining job. A good industrial power transmission place would also be likely to have something available as those splined PTO shafts are pretty universal.
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                        Does he want one like this one with this center or the kind that attach to the PTO through an angle drive so the belt is running straight out the back of the tractor? These are for flat belts but I think ones for v-belts would be similar
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                          Originally posted by gene wiedenroth
                          I think some of the older tractor model MT had that as an option, might try a tractor bone yard or some of the old iron swapmeets could try smokstak or search the net,google or craigslist

                          Yup, the old M-series and 40-series tractors had a right angle belt pulley attachment that slipped over the PTO output shaft. The larger two-cylinder tractors didn't have such an option because their pulleys were part of the clutch and already faced the correct orientation. Old Cletrac or Caterpillar crawlers had a belt pulley that stuck straight out the front of the tractor. You couldn't just back up (or pull forward) to adjust belt tension. You kind of had to swing in at a hard 90 degree turn and then move the grinder or whatever implement to get the correct tension. It was a big pain, hence the reason for the right angle setup on the little M and 40 tractors.

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                            Tractor Pulley

                            Steve: Call 1-434-685-7850. Ask Nora Lea about the pulley you need.
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                              My D2 Cat, Old not ancient , has the optional angled rear flat belt PTO.

                              No problem hooking up belts there.. Has a spline mount shaft for flat belt pulley, so easy to make a V Belt Take off out of it if needed..