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Ductile Iron wear question?

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  • Ductile Iron wear question?

    I've got an application where an oil lubricated ductile iron part is orbiting in a ~3/8" circle on a fixed ductile iron thrust surface. The relative velocity between the 2 parts varies from 150 to 600 feet per minute, and the thrust force works out to about 200 to 250 psi. The parts are exhibiting wear that shows up as metal build up on one part and grooves cut in the other. I can't change the material of the orbiting part, but I can change the thrust plate. The thrust plate is also a structural support for other parts of the mechanism, so the replacement material needs to be at least as structurally strong as the ductile iron. What materials might be a good "wear couple" with ductile iron in an oil splash lubricated environment at the stated conditions?


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    try a silicon bronze