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Weather/Maps on the Dialup Internet

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    Originally posted by Too_Many_Tools
    That has got me wondering...why do they make these sites such bandwidth hogs?
    Heck, that's easy. Because there are programmers, web designers, and IT managers at those companies who are out of a job if they say "OK, this is done". So they come up with "new features" that they can add to keep themselves employed. Huge problem with the entire software industry IMHO.



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      The majority of people that work in the business designing content and delivery are NOT on dialup and have no concept of what it is like. They look out the window and see city in all directions and assume that is how the entire world looks. I have the same problems with my sat connection except worse. Every single item that has to be fetched from a different URL requires a DNS lookup and another get request to a different server. That takes a minimum of around 4 seconds each time. Even this web page can take up to a full minute to load and sometimes even longer.
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        I also mainly use NOAA. (and for astro prediction)
        but someone local made an aggregate weather page
        so for more detail I leech off of that.
        Tom C
        ... nice weather eh?