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What deos the internal structure look like??

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  • What deos the internal structure look like??

    What deos the internal structure look like in this lifter?

    I am interested in possibly building the lifter legs in the photo

    I believe these are the ideas for the legs.

    A video of its operation can be seen at

    I am guessing 0.1875 in. for the wall of the external leg.

    This would most definately solve a storage problem I have with
    a 1917 490 Chevrolet chassis.

    Thanks for looking.
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    the plans you can download from that site for under $10 should answer all your questions
    Ernie (VE7ERN)

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      Your design looks workable, either weld a stop at the end of the threaded rod, or turn off an inch or two of thread so it doesn't over extend.
      Think taking the threads off would work better, as it would just stop lifting, not come to a hard stop. the threadless section would keep everything lined up so all you have to do is hit reverse.

      Would go with a more robust support below the cap, and throw in a thrust bearing, or a very good way of greasing it.



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        Life size picture and drawing make it hard to view your post.

        Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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          As Dockrat said, cough up the ten bucks and you can make your own.
          Should be worth the money if you want to go that route.

          I see it has a capacity of 1500 lbs which is really only 325 lbs per leg, not really that much, but if that's all you need go for it.

          Another option would be camper jacks, either manual or hydraulic.
          The ones I'm most familiar with are used on end dump construction trailers, they look like like the typical A-frame camper trailer jack, but with load ratings of 5,000-12,000 lbs per leg and a reach of up to 29 inches.
          Figure on about $150-$200 per leg for the big ones.
          Food for thought anyways.
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            I'm not poking holes in the desgn.

            The 1 x 2 tuber laid flatway gives me the shivers. It's twice as strong with the 2" dimension vertical. (yes, 2 x 1 Vs 1 x 2 IS about twice when it come to beam strength -NOT 4x. Work the math)

            I think the horizontal structure hould be made of 2 x 2 x 3/16 wall tube at the minimum. Car bodies or frames by themselves aren't very heavy but the temptation to store a motor in the frame or load up the interior of the car body with stuff is high and the structure of the supporting equipment should be desgned for it. And I woudn't depend on nuts welded to short lengths of tube as a clamp to support much weight. Instead drill for through pins and use a screw jack arrangement for the intermediate adjustment.

            I would also consider diagonal bracing on the legs. Hit a hole or run into an extention cord and the leg could fold under.

            My first thought is to get some cheapo trailer jacks and tack on some fittings for the attachment of additional structure. Then you could get sidewinder elevation cranks and the adjutment would behandier. Your design certanly looks stout and efficient but but why not buy what may be inferior but very usable from Harbor Freight?

            I'm offering a critique of the video's pitch. How a product is presented to a potential customer counts more in term of sales than the actual merit of the product itself. The presenter seems like a capable talented fellow but his salesmanship needs some work. Where is Billy Mays when you need him?
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              poor billy mays, he deead. . . .


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                If the guy that owns the one in the picture doesn't have anything better to put on it than that, tell him to give you his stand.