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Now for the whats it questions.

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  • Now for the whats it questions.

    After finally getting to the bottom of my boxes of stuff, (see my tool gloat post), I have three remaining items

    First is some sort of tap holder from Jacobs for #10 thru 1/2 inch taps. It appears you use it with a square drive set-up. Obviously driving taps with a rachet is an option here, but what is it's REAL use?[IMG][/IMG]
    Next up, a real whats it. All I can say is the brass ferrul slides up and down those rod things[IMG][/IMG]

    Last item is a bit big for the SB9A's toolpost, but it is a honking 5/8"shank toolholder [IMG][/IMG]with what appears to be a diamond? Is this for real?[IMG][/IMG]
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    I do believe #2 is a scraper used to remove carbon buildup from piston heads while in the engine.....Vaguely remember seeing one used MANY years ago.....

    If #4 has a point or sharp edge showing it will readily scratch glass or HSS if it's diamond.....

    Let us know.....



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      I think the square drive tap chuck is intended to be a sort of quick change on larger tapping heads. I have 2 Jacobs like that, (one that size, and another up to 5/8") and my plan is to make a 1/2 round shank for them. I have drill chucks mounted on 1/2" straight shank, so I could swap the chucks easily for taps where the drill chuck just isn't enough bite.
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        Tap chuck, Carbon scraper for engine work, and I dunno about the Diamond holder.



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          Be careful about the diamond. It can chip extremely easily. I don't think it can be used for steel,but is great for aluminum,brass,or abrasive plastics like bakelite. No interrupted cuts at all!!! It can easily chip from shock in interrupted cuts. And,I believe the cuts should be very shallow. Diamond is used to put on a very fine finish,as nothing sticks to it.

          Someone correct me if I've been wrong.