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  • clamping blocks

    Here's some pics of these simple clamping blocks I made to secure the angle mount to the mill table. Not much to it- I had to bore the recess for the socket head bolts because I don't (yet) have a tool made for that to use in the drill press.

    This should all be self-explanatory. Here they are shown as they are intended to be used. The diameter of that rod is 1 inch- as it turns out that's just right so the rod touches pretty much centered on the bevels at the top of the t-slot. If it were a larger diameter, it would touch at the top of the bevel, which would mean a line contact only, and the same would be the case if the rod was smaller than 1 inch. Either way it would not have been suitable, so it worked out for me being 1 inch exactly. There's still a small area of contact from the rod to the bevel, but it's not a sharp edge digging in, so it should remain fairly solid in use.

    You can't really tell from the picture, but those blocks are not touching the table at the 'business' end where they clamp down on the rod. They are raised about .020 or so, which means the clamp blocks are fairly square to things, but are still putting the pressure strictly on the rod.

    A simple project for sure, but a useful one in my case. By the way, the reason I inset the bolts like that is to keep the profile low- this lets me use the angle mount with longer workpieces than the width of the mount. The workpiece can slide over the top of the bolt heads without interfering. That, and I'm getting tired of having my fixturing hardware sticking up to be hooked by something, or hooking me.
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    Simple addition but looks like it turned out wonderfuly.
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      Oh, curse you Red Baron!

      You gave me the idea to make some low profile clamps for my vises that have side groves for mounting. One more project added to the list.

      Really, they look great. Nice job!
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      • #4 what is an "angle mount"?


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          a previous project of his kinda cool with pics.
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