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    Most civilized forums need rules and moderators to enforce those rules.
    If you doubt that, please drop by the yahoo 7x10 lathe group:
    or RCM:
    both are basically un-moderated.
    I prefer to avoid caustic folks, if possible.


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      Originally posted by Black_Moons
      Id say this forum is well run. Last forum I left because the mod started getting all upity at me for saying things like 'Mild steel generaly cuts with a ****ty finish' as apparently he thought he was a sware filter bot and not a human being with thoughts and decision making abilitys.

      Enable filters for the swears you want gone, and object to the things that are objectionable, But don't have a human doing a blind word filters job. thats a waste of everyones time and energy and an insult to human intelligence.

      Also, censoreship in the name of 'not possabley offending some highly offendable person who just might exist but has not come forward or been proven to exist' goes to far.

      That said, the threads iv seen locked today are likey best locked as they where only degradeing into flamewars and started offtopic to begin with. But maybe we could use an 'offtopic' subforum for the members of this forum to 'rant' to eachother about stuff. Not for those 3 threads mind you, but for the other OT ones.

      PPS: To bad swear filters are not 'user' side. As in, options in each users 'profile', The posts could be dynamicly altered by your profile settings to include/exclude swear words when you view them. Hell, It would even let the users import there own swear list. Personaly I would leave mine disabled.
      An off topic forum is too complex and smart for the goofballs here, its too logical and simple for them to understand. the little boys with tiny feelings that get hurt wont understand they wont need to be part of them.

      For a noob Black_Moons you are way cool


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        Originally posted by Michael Moore
        How many different fora are there on the Internet? 50,000-500,000 or even more? If you need to rant about something can't you use Google and find someplace (or maybe 100 "someplaces" depending on the topic) that caters to that particular rant and actively encourages it?

        There's certainly nothing bad about some occasional light social chat that is only tenuously related to a main forum topic. There's too few places a person can go and talk about metalwork with people who share that interest, so why clutter up the on-topic discussion with off-topic stuff, especially when the latter falls into the category of ranting?

        I don't want to talk off topic stuff with people I don't know. I want to talk off topic stuff with people of like minds in my own 'social group'. However you are very right in that the off-topic 'posts' should not clutter up the places people go to talk about metalwork/etc, and hence the suggestion of a subforum so there is only a single link to not click to avoid seeing ALL offtopic posts, as opposed to dozens on every actual forum.

        After all, how long do you spend at the forum selection page, and how long do you spend looking at threads in that forum?

        People will allways wander with offtopic posts, it seems to be human nature, a single 'Offtopic/rants/etc' forum can greatly cut down on the noise in the other forums by provideing an outlet that can be very easily ignored by those who dislike offtopic, and easily viewed by those who do like off topic.
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          I think George does an EXCELLENT job of moderating. I really only ever see him lock two types of threads. Ones that really get personal and nasty with a lot of name-calling, and ones that could start turning offensive (this forum is available world-wide, not just in predominantly the UK and its former colonies). Don't get me wrong, I have no problem contributing to some of them.
          If you notice, most of the OT threads die off rather quickly. Even the swine flu thread has pretty much finally died.

          andy b.
          The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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            Originally posted by Fasttrack
            Hahahaha - "Milacron".
            Yeah some think he's is an a**hole,
   can't we just refer to him as a BIG "open space surrounded by a sphincter muscle"? Perhaps a "cranium owned by a man named Richard"? Maybe a "brain housing unit filled to max load with excrement"?

            Joking is nice to have a PROPERLY moderated site. I have been coming her for a LOT of years and never saw any heavy handed unjust moderation. Of the many forums I belong to this one is very much the best of the best. Thanks George...for a first rate operation.



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              Big Complaint here..

              Tattoomike's language would shock a Marine

              Time to boot him...


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                I got a laugh out of that one .

                Originally posted by torker
                Three threads locked in one day on HSM???
                Sorry George...I know yer just doing your job.
                I knew you'd lock my Muslim post...but what the hey...we're all buds here and we actually do talk about things other than makin chips.
                That's why I like my extended "family" here so much.


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                  Milacron, in his truest form

                  Happily working on my second million Gave up on the first