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  • OT - Governor Arnold

    O.K. now that the Terminator has proven only in a America, a poor immigrant can come, make bad movies (Arnold Strong - Hercules Movies), get a good looking lady, $800 million dollars in value and now governor.

    Did anyone know he appeared in gay magazines when he first came to America?

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    I think "we" get what we deserve. God help us all!


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      Yeah, and we have Jean Cretien as Prime Minister.
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        Very true JF.
        It shows that only in America you can get the best politician money can buy.


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          Yeah, is he Arnold Swartznegger playing the govenor, or a terminator playing Arnold?

          WHoo hoo.. the world better look out. Electing people cause they got a pretty smile.

          Only in America..

          Actually from what I have read, Jessie Ventura has done a excellent job. I just hope Arnold does too.


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              The one thing that you can say for Arnold is that in all his past endeavors (body building and movie making) he has worked hard. He probably will work hard as governor.
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                  Its not a tumor..



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                      Arnold was not my first pick.
                      However, he was better than the other alternatives.

                      Hopefully now companies will not be scheduling the moving vans. The moving companies have stated they don't have enough trucks to meet the demand here lately.

                      If Arnold can get workers comp turned around and we can get the last couple of bills Gov. Lowbeam recently signed knocked down, we might have a chance of continuing to do business here.

                      We did our part. Now Arnold and the legislature have to do theirs.



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                        Did anyone know he appeared in gay magazines when he first came to America?

                        No I didn't know that.

                        But than, I don't read gay magazines.

                        You libs just won't quit.

                        Metal Mite


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                          I thought this whole time was pretty silly but then thought that this my work to put fear in all the politcal clowns.They might start to do a little more of what the majority want instead of what the special intrest groups want.I dont think arnold knows anything about running a state but I bet he will surround himself with people who will guide him.Same as bush but he is to stupid to listen.(Had to add that)


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                            Thank God Cruz Bustamante didn't get the job! Can you say "Open borders" and Free passes for all illegals - as long as they're Latino's that is.......


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                              RE: Was "Running Man" the movie that Arnold and Jesse Ventura were in? Anyone else in that movie running for governor?

                              NOPE! "Predator" according to

                              Full Cast and Crew for Predator (1987)

                              Writing credits: Jim Thomas & John Thomas

                              Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

                              Arnold Schwarzenegger .... Major Dutch
                              Carl Weathers ............ Dillon
                              Elpidia Carrillo ......... Anna
                              Bill Duke ................ Sergeant Mac
                              Jesse Ventura ............ Blain
                              Sonny Landham .... ........ Billy
                              Richard Chaves ........... Poncho Ramirez
                              R.G. Armstrong ........... Gen. Phillips
                              Shane Black .............. Hawkins
                              Kevin Peter Hall ...........The Predator

                              Rest of cast listed alphabetically

                              Steve Boyum ................Hostage executed by The Russian (uncredited)
                              William H. Burton ..........Man shot down from tree (uncredited)
                              Sven-Ole Thorsen ...........Russian (uncredited)

                              I don't know. If you see any of these names on a ballet somewhere you'll know where they might have gotten their start!

                              I too heard that Jesse Ventura was good governor: he just got fed-up with all the BS. I can't blame him!

                              Regards, Ken