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  • I gonna retire - finally

    I don't post much, lurk a lot, read a lot, get a lot of laughs from some of you.

    Time has come to retire. I have been having some health issues because of that little conflict in SE Asia many moons ago. I've worked in the same place for 30 years - for the same family, starting as an engineer right out of college. Well, 30 years later I'm not doing like I was, felt I was a unnecessary expense to the company. I talked to the company president about my thoughts, he was taken back, but he understands. I looked at my 401k, the money I get from the gub'ment, I'm 62, economy sucks, have a son in college. My wonderful wife has good medical insurance and a nice income (she's 50 - anyone tell her I mentioned this we're gonna have to go out into the parking lot and talk about it). Anyway I decided I would stop working January 1. Filed the papers, rolled this into that and what ever else. Talked to my financial planner - he's been steady over the years - he made recommendations which I have followed.

    Friday was my last day and it was a hard day, I cried. Our company is a small company, less than 50 people, always made a profit, never laid anyone off, good people, they have been my "family". Friday night I drove home drained.

    Saturday evening we had our annual Christmas dinner and my retirement party. Let me tell you, I thought I knew these SOB's I worked for and with, thought I could read them - boy was I wrong! Turns out the 'old man' who originally started the company would take a undisclosed portion of our bonus and invest it back into the company. Thirty years of this built up to a tidy sum of cash, I found out about this at the party when he called me off to the side and handed me the statement. Then he told me they were giving me 3 years salary to carry to 65, I have full medical and dental on me and my family to 65 - no cost. Seems every time I turned around it was something more, I am still at a loss. They also want to retain my services as a consultant.

    Okay, I broke down. The 'old man' and I never had a cross word, neither have his son and myself, we have had disagreements, but we always worked through them professionally and like family. I was always free to speak my mind. After all of what he has and had done for me I was speechless, I'm still numb.

    Oh, and to boot, my son had produces a CD with my life history on it - he was actually able to get in contact with several from 'Nam and had their voices recorded in inter-aircraft communications - just like I remember. He actually found the nurse who attended to me when I was hit (she did remember me - she called the priest over for the Last Rights) - the priest was in there too actually reciting the Last Rights. Everyone in the shop and office are on the CD too telling their stories of knowing me and working with me - I must admit it's all positive. In fact the CD is playing now - for the 200th time.

    My son has his multi-engine instructor's rating, a junior studying aerospace engineering, and maintaining a 3.8 average (damn smart assed kids).

    All in all I think I will enjoy retirement, let's put it this way, I have to, I'm committed.

    Peace to every one, Happy Holidays, may God be with you.


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    Sounds like you worked for some people who were a class act.

    Grats to you!


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      Congratulations Axel !!

      Sounds like you have done wonderfully all around.


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        Wow, I can only dream of working for a company that cares more for me than the bottom line.

        I feel layoffs are only the next paycheck away, even when it isn't you it takes a chunk away... Doesn't do much to foster loyalty amongst your employees thats for sure!

        Enjoy your retirement!


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          Fantastic! Retired and you have a consulting opertunity, I'm not shure that you could do much better.

          Enjoy this time as much as you can.

          Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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            Congratulations Fencepost on your retirement, sounds like your working life was as it should be for all. Its a pity the Banks never thought of that!

            I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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              Well Axel, I hope your retirement is as good as your working career. I too am retired and I can offer this advise, don't sit down and quit. Find something to keep your mind and body active and continue doing it until you die. Some older friends in their 80's keep telling me they are afraid to stop working because they may wither away.

              Take care of your health because without health everything else is useless. The mind and body is a wonderful thing but if not used daily will wither away.

              work and have fun without the stress of the past.
              It's only ink and paper


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                keep sending the begging letters..................


                Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                  Congratulations. You retired from a generous company and you left on your own terms and I think that is important. Now days people are forced into retirement on the companys terms instead of their own.

                  I retired in 2007 at 57 after 30 years with the same company to run my own shop. Things were great until the economy crashed in late "08". But, my overhead is low and we are debt free. The home shop business is not dead, just slow but steady. I kinda like it that way. In February of 2010 I'll start drawing on my IRA. Our problem is the health insurance cost, $1100/mo for both of us. Freedom never did come cheap so we pay it and don't look back.

                  It would have been easier for me to work a few more years the way the economy turned out. Sometimes I need to dip into my cash savings to cover expenses. I have no regrets retiring when I did. Doing things at my own pace makes it all worth it. Finally have time for friends, family, grandkids
                  and home repairs. Money isn't everything although a close second.
                  So much to learn, so little time


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                    What a great Retirement Tribute, You are loved! It just gets better. Thank you for your service, Treasure your Family and friends it sounds as you are a valuable asset to all.


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                      It is nice to know that there are a few decent folks out there. Congratulations on your retirement and may you live many years to enjoy it.

                      Listen to what Carld said about staying busy. I also plan a working retiremant, in my case more, more from necessity. You are lucky to have had such nice and thoughtful people for employers.
                      Paul A.
                      SE Texas

                      Make it fit.
                      You can't win and there IS a penalty for trying!


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                        Best of luck. Jim


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                          I'll second what Carld said about keeping active in retirement. I retired after 30+ years at 49 and have not regretted it one bit. Sure, the financial situation is a little different. Watch your pennies and enjoy your new freedom.

                          OPEN EYES, OPEN EARS, OPEN MIND

                          THINK HARDER


                          MY NAME IS BRIAN AND I AM A TOOLOHOLIC


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                            Thanks fro the kind words from all, trust me, I won't quit working. There are several things I want to do, accomplish, people I want to see. I can say we are debt free, live a comfortable lifestyle without going overboard, cars are farly new and not that many miles, got my toys and the airport crew.

                            Health is my concern, I only have really one fully functioning lung, there is some of the other one there, but it's a lot of scar tissue. The effects and affects of the trauma and damage from way back when are showing signs of surfacing. Still I won't quit - never have, never will.

                            I do have one issue I an not sure about, the significant other just keeps walking past me smiling - I think she has plans for me to shorten the honey-do list. I think Monday I will just sit around in my underwear, scratch, belch, and maybe a fart or two. Tuesday I will get back to what ever I need to do, but first I need a day of down time.

                            Again, thanks for the comments and encouragement!



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                              Congratulations on a career well done and a life well lived and I am happy that you are receiving rewards commensurate with both. I'm a year ahead of you in retirement and by a completely different path. For me retirement has to be studied and learned. After a few months I caught myself being the boss first thing in the morning - deciding what NEEDED TO BE DONE and then a worker the rest of the day trying to do it - GET IT DONE. I still do that a lot but give myself a lot more latitude and try to keep in mind that it should be fun. I hire a guy that's out of work to do some grunt work around the place. He doesn't always DO IT MY WAY but when it's done it doesn't seem to make much difference. He needs money; I've got some, pretty simple really. After a year, I've figured that my projects will never be finished and stopped expecting it. I've never had interest in volunteer work, just didn't. Got a travel trailer. Started wondering what the hell for. Saw something interesting and looked into it. Something called NOMADS. Volunteer someplace the weather is better, camp free, work on a crew 4 six-hour days repairing hurricane damaged houses and other projects. Excited about it.

                              Again, congratulations, stay loose, enjoy.