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my small tool gloat

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  • my small tool gloat

    for us canadians at canadian tire, we have limited edition tools ,yes they are functional but they are also only a limited run of only 15,000 made of each set.the left side we have 24K gold plated ratchet wrenches on the otherside is this minths release of a black chrom master craft maxium sock set 3/8 drive..they sell for 29.99 each, these sets iam not going to use but iam going to buy one more set of each that i will use, TOOL BLING

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    Re: Small tool gloat

    Airsmith282....So sorry to hear about your small tool...No, just kidding
    Nice looking set. They must be losing money on that set, with the nice wooden case and all.
    Jim (KB4IVH)

    Only fools abuse their tools.


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      Do all Canadians have small tools? Maybe they just shrivel in the cold.


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        not to worried about my tool size , never had a complaint , its not the size that matters its what you can do with it that counts lol

        the case alone on the gold wrenches is alot of work and money alone walnut is not a cheap wood,

        the crazy thing is the socket set case its metal and they put a one year warranty on the case and of course life time on the tools , to warrany a case is unheard of till now..

        i like the sets and you can never have to many tools thats for sure, i even got tools i never used yet but i will eventually..