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I,m heartbroken.

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  • I,m heartbroken.

    My dog Bryn just died about ten minutes ago.He had been sick a bit during the day,we thought it was tummy trouble but when my wife went through to see him tonight she sat with him and realised he had just passed away.Poor old Bryn a King charles spaniel beautiful looking dog.We made an appointment to see the vet in the morning if he hadn't improved she said wait tonight and see how it goes.My wife son and I are really upset .Those of you with dogs will understand my feelings howeveer he didn't suffer badly just lay down to sleep and never woke up.My last dog suffered and I had to have him put down another smaller king charles spaniel she had trouble at the end breathing so I am glad Bryn never suffered Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Losing someone or something close to you is never easy. Bryn's discomfort is past. Treasure the memories.
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      I feel your pain! I had one pass away not long ago..... Funny how we get so attached!
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        Sorry to hear this
        From my family of dog lovers to yours
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          Sorry to hear that Alistair

          he must have been less than 6

          all the best.markj


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            Pets are your true friends.


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              Sorry to hear the bad news Alistair...

              We've got 3 cats all 14yrs I'm expecting to have to go through the same emotions in a year or two..



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                Very sorry to hear that. A dog's life burns bright but short.


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                  I am so sorry, a few months down the road you can get a new puppy, who poops on the floor , eats your shoes and bites your toes.

                  The is a puppy out there that needs the love.


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                    My sympathy to you and youir family Alistair.
                    I know how much that hurts.

                    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                      I'm sorry for the loss of your dog, Alistair. We become so attached to them as they bring us so much joy (most of the time ;-) ). It sounds like he didn't suffer too long, so thats a good thing. As much grief as you express, I'm sure Bryn lived a good and happy life, thanks to you.

                      As I write this, my little mini-doxie lies in his bed next to me in my office, dying of congestive heart failure. I hear him now, struggling to breath in his sleep, knowing his time also grows close and that soon I'll feel the same pain of loss you feel now.



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                        Before you feel bad about not taking him to the vet asap, realise that unless your willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a dog who may likey not live any longer even if you do, taking him to the vet likey would'nt of helped.

                        We lucky have had a nice vet who takes us aside and gives our heads a shake when we get too emotional. Like when we where worryed about a small growth on our dogs eyelid... vet told us 'well, I can remove it for thousands of dollars... but I have bad news' 'yes?' '.. Hes still gonna be a dog when the surgury is done' '.....oh.......... Errr... I guess your right..'

                        Just try and remember him in his better days. by the sounds of it he had a long full life with a wonderful family that ended quickly with little pain. What more can you want from life?
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                          You have my heartfelt condolences.
                          Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


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                            That's a bad deep hurt Alistair, perhaps the only thing worse is watching your pet suffer and you were apparently spared most of that.

                            I'd love to see a picture of Bryn.


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                              Alistair, along with all the other canine lovers here we feel your pain.
                              In April I lost my Mom, in August my Grandmother died and in September my little best friend died.
                              Loving, and losing someone, can be a painfull journey.