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    In the woods here we got them smart mice. They lick the traps clean. What I do is wrap the trap trigger with string and tie a knot. Then push the peanut into the string. That takes care of the little Mensans.


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      Originally posted by Evan
      What about Hanta Virus? Not a good thing to come down with. It nearly killed an acquaintance here that was doing field research on the local deer mouse population. Since it was recognized to exist it has shown an unusually high mortality rate of 30 to 50%. It is spread throughout North America.
      Anyone trapping them has a higher chance of catching the hanta virus than I do, simply because they are handling the mice. The virus is relatively short lived in the environment, and as long as you are taking very basic precautions transmission is very unlikely.

      If I worried about stuff like that, there's no way I could work in a veterinary hospital. I come in to contact with lepto, rabies, salmonella, MRSA, etc on at least a weekly basis.


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        we have them from time to time in the house they are very small and I don't believe in killing them.Anyway peanut butter and chocolate they love in a humane trap and most of the time they escape Alistair
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          Originally posted by Evan
          What about Hanta Virus?
          What about bubonic plague? Widespread in the southwest USA in rodents, mice and rats usually. Very lethal if not treated within 24 hours, maybe as much as 100% fatalities, depending on type and treatment.
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            There is a vaccination for bubonic plague. I have it. There isn't any for Hanta virus.
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              Evan: While peanut butter IS effective, I have found that the clever ones CAN lick it off and leave. A raisin, stuck on the trip lock, seems to be more effective and less messy. They have to chew and tug at the raisin and "good night!" Duffy
              Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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       tangle some steel wool on the trigger, then press peanut butter into that. It decreases their ability to get the peanut butter without triggering it. It also helps if you have the trap set to a hair trigger.

                You don't really even need peanut butter, all you have to do is put the trap with the trigger facing the wall, mouse will run right across it. They don't run in open spaces, they follow the wall.


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                  I used to use peanut butter but have found that a little dab of ketchup works better ..... it does dry out in a day or so but just makes it stick better. Mice love it.


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                    Hi Guys........ They work excellent.......Dean


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                      New snap traps do not need bait, has built in cheese odor, so they just eat the plastic trip latch, it has holes in it to look like Swiss cheese, so it looks good to us I guess
                      They just nibble at that till you have to buy a new trap so I load it with real cheese.

                      I am another that gets no joy out of killing them, actually I feel bad about it, but you just cannot have them, you can clean the poop up it's the destructive chewing and peeing that gets them killed here.


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                        Originally posted by Too_Many_Tools
                        Okay...I pride myself on being a clean and neat guy.

                        So here I am in my study and when I move a book what do I find but %($*&$ mouse poop.

                        Darn it!

                        Then I look in a filing cabinet...hmm....more mouse poop.

                        Double darn it!

                        Okay I am looking for ways to get this mouse and any of his friends.

                        Give me ideas for traps, what works, what doesn't.

                        No poison...don't want the stink of the decaying bodies.

                        No guns...don't want to be filling holes in walls.

                        No pets, no kids in this part of the house so any traps will be free to do what they do best.

                        I will give credit to those whose ideas work.

                        Does mouse hunting season have a limit?

                        Thanks for any info, help or jokes you can offer.

                        we had some mouse issues our cat toook care of one of them for us, first its not just your one room thats the problem, you have to look every where for holes even tiny ones thoes buggers seem to be able to get in ,stuff the holes with 000 steel wool then seal over top with duck tap or some sort of a plug as to not force the steel wool right threw, either way you gota kill offf a few of them , stink well i dont think your doing to smell them dead bodies but ok , ever sence we plugs the holes in the house we found and put in the steel wool we have killed off a few of them , but no ,more new ones have arrived to face the challange of getting in,,

                        traps are a joke at least here them buggers would eat the cheese or peanut butter right offf the trap and not set it off. they are pretty smart here some how, must be the water..

                        the poisen well it works to a degree but you dont want to have cats in the house if you use that stuff cause if they eat the stuff it takes awhile for them to die and if the cat get that mouse then the cat will get sick and possibly die as well so use one or the other,

                        also not all cats will go after mice this is a fact some will likey even become budies with the fellow mouse ,, our one cat is a mouser,. the other well she would rather just relax and let the mouse do what ever it wants to..

                        take care all the best with the mice


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                          I enjoy the electronic mouse zappers, they work really well.

                          See single shot version

                          Or for the Adolphe Eichman version

                          I use mine just outside the side garage entrance, just remember to tether the thing down to something immovable - the crows had tried to carry the thing off.


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                            Ok, second attempt to post. First failed due to a power drop. I guess that the battery backup needs looked at.


                            I have found what I think is a great mousetrap. It is called The Better Mousetrap by Intruder. They make them for chipmunks as well.

                            Click for larger photo.

                            It has a little grid molded into the trip lever that holds the bait. I use peanut butter and have only found one set trap that didnt get the mouse, but the bait stayed.

                            The traps work well in the attic as is were there are no pets or kids. I hear one go off at night and I know I need to tidy up in the morning. The trap also holds the critter while I drop it into a bag so I can get it through the house & out to the trash.

                            Slide the trap up against the wall and set. Good to go.

                            Now for the basement I did a different approach. I place the trap inside a tube that is sealed on one end. This tube is long enough that the dog or the cat can not get a paw in there. But if they do try, they move the tube around enough that the trap gets set off. Also, once the trap has been tripped, I take the tube and all to the trash and dispose of the critter.

                            Lastly, an old farmer (I think that is where I heard this) told me to take a 5 gallon bucket and fill it part way with water. Then toss in a hand full of grain so that it floats and covers the surface of the water. The mouse will climb in to get the grain but then fall through the grain cover and swim in the water till it runs out of energy and drowns. I have since removed this trap and replaced it with my tubes due to a child in the house now. These buckets can pose a hazard to children. The kid can tip into the bucket and drown. I think that all the new buckets have this caution hot stamped into the side of the bucket now.

                            Happy hunting
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                              Originally posted by davidwdyer
                              Ian. What in the world are you doing in Nigeria? I've been there, but what a place!

                              Peanut butter in traps needs to be changed every few days. When it gets rancid, the mice won't touch it anymore.
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                                The early bird gets the worm...But it's the second rat that gets the cheese.

                                I used to have a big 'ol Golden Retriever that had mouse catching on his list of household duties. He never ate one, just snapped it's scrawny neck, took it outside, and pitched it over the fence in the back yard. It was amazing how accurately he could throw a mouse.
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