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    Re: mouse troubles

    Originally posted by saltmine
    The early bird gets the worm...But it's the second rat that gets the cheese.

    I used to have a big 'ol Golden Retriever that had mouse catching on his list of household duties. He never ate one, just snapped it's scrawny neck, took it outside, and pitched it over the fence in the back yard. It was amazing how accurately he could throw a mouse.
    Now that is a GOOD DOG!!!
    Jim (KB4IVH)

    Only fools abuse their tools.


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      Mouse Killin'

      I go along with Rockrat on the "tube" approach. I just take a piece of PVC pipe about 6" long and shove a piece of that "one bite" cornmeal bait in it, run a drywall screw through the wall and into the bait, and leave it along the wall. They can find it but can't get it out. Be sure to leave a source of water that is easy for them to get to. I found this out the hard way when they ate a hole in a rolled up hose to get to the water. As soon as they take a drink, they die.

      I have also heard that they absolutely hate the smell of "Bounce" dryer sheets. A buddy had trouble with them eating the wiring on his classic car and he put some of those under the hood to keep the mice out. I am currently trying moth balls. I filled a metal tea ball with moth balls and hung in under the hood of my old farm truck. We will see how it works. I know it does a good job on snakes.
      Jim (KB4IVH)

      Only fools abuse their tools.


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        Mice can easily live around moth balls.
        We found a nest in a bag of mothballs in my buddy's barn.
        He also had belived in that tale
        When uncovered, the mother and 6 babies were stting on a straw bed on top of the moth balls,
        which he used to keep mice out of his stored cars!

        I heard about the "Bounce" thing, but have not checked it out.
        I thought one of the components of Bounce is animal fat, but perhaps it is not. ??

        The old mouse traps (wood based) are fine, but there is a better one out there.
        It is Black Plastic and is very similar to the look of the old wooden ones Except :
        The spring loaded snap hoop is only 90 degrees from "heaven" (faster acting). It also has a paddle trigger above the bait pot that forces the mice to step on it and prevent licking the bait. The trigger is two stages, so no misfires occur from a vibration
        When mounted side by side with the old style units, it never had a miss.
        I would say its far superior to the old ones .
        It does have a problem, and that occurs if the mouse does not die. They tend to eat some of the plastic paddle, when trying to get at the bait.
        So eventually. the trap is no good but I throw out the wood ones by then anyway.
        The other nice thing, is that you can wash the plastic easily.
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          [QUOTE=davidwdyer]Ian. What in the world are you doing in Nigeria? I've been there, but what a place!

          And what were you doing there too? I grew up there, but it's been 40+ years and much has changed. I was lucky enough to see independence but miss the Biafra business and the widespread corruption that oil money stimulated.
          "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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            Yeah, the old Retriever was quite a dog.

            We used to reward him with a couple of custom-made dog treats, that he picked out himself at PetSmart, when he brought in the mail each morning.
            Wondering if having a huge dog waiting by the mailbox each day was tramatic for the postal lady, I decided to watch one morning.
            He planted himself right next to the mailbox, five minutes before the mail lady was supposed to arrive. When she pulled up, she reached out and gave him a friendly pat on the head, and two dog treats. Well, I'll be! The old dog was quite a con artist.
            No good deed goes unpunished.


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              Occasionally over here in Scotland, when i lived out in the country, we used to get the little field mice winter in our outbuildings from late autumn, till spring, these were tiny creatures and fairly innocuous, they did not smell but could do some damage, This was in contrast to the house mouse, which seemed to me to be more distructive & smelly, As long as the field mice did not come into the house we would tolerate them, they were gentle little creatures
              Strangely enough it is many years since i have had house mouse problems, This i put down to having a very efficient "Ball bearing mouse trap"-- A large tom cat!, i think even the presence of a cat freaks the beggars out, Although i wonder if anyone has heard the theory that the high frequency emitted by a television set scares mice away, I wonder is that an urban myth?


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                A variation on that bucket/water mouse trap: a friend describes using a wooden dowel going across the bucket, presumably mounted so it'll spin. The bait is in the center of the dowel, and when the mouse attempts to get to it, the dowel spins, dropping him into the water. He uses glycol anti-freeze in cold weather.

                The mice move into my barn in the Fall, and tend to:
                1. crap all over
                2. eat stuff that I value, including some of the wiring to my alarm system.
                Hence, I buy a box of DeCon mouse poison in the little paper baggies, and set them out where the mice run. As noted, near entry ways, next to walls, etc.
                I've never noticed any smell from the bodies....


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                  The best mouse trap we have is a black snake living in our attic insulation.The next is a windup metal box trap.Placed next to the wall,they're a sure way to get all the mice.Occasionally we've caught snakes in them.Gotta remember to check it though!!! Not uncommon to find 2 to 6 mice.


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                    mouse trap

                    357 mag or 30/06 laser site,alcohol..your choice turn all lights off,drink alcohol till gone and shoot at the sounds you hear.havent tried it but i think it just might work!!either way let me know.....


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                      I have 7 cats and there are no mice anywhere in the neighborhood.
                      Cats rule.

                      I have 3 pitbulls too so they keep the rip off punks far away. My yard is fenced 100% so if some dummy gets torn up thats his problem and not mine.

                      you folks in communist countries who cant have guns should buy pit bulls. they work great.


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                        Originally posted by Dawai
                        get a cat like OURS, then take cat by the tail and beat mouse to death.
                        WOW!!! My cat has a brother!

                        Well, the one that passed away this summer was about worthless as a mouser. My wife and I watched one time as a mouse sat by the cat's feet and after a few seconds started running away. The dumb cat just sat there.

                        Now our other cat, he is deadly. He catches bats right out of the air. I have no idea how he does it, but he has done it on several occasions.

                        Anyway, to get rid of mice without a cat, just get a 5 gallon pail and put a bowl of sugar water and some crackers in the bottom. Then make a nice stack of books and clothes for the mouse to get to the rim of the bucket. Come back in a day and scoop the mice out and do what you want to them. Mice aren't the smartest creatures.

                        andy b.
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                          I've put several of these throughout my workshop.


                          So far no sign of the little critters.
                          No matter where you go, there you are!

                          Hal C.


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                            The cats have always dealt with mice here......even to bringing me live mice and storing them in the bathtub. Now we have a new kitten, a bit under a year old and so far only about 14.5 lb, on his way to a probable 18-20. Stretched out, he's over a meter long toe-to-toe.

                            If there is any mouse-type or unexplained noise, that animal is ON it, so I don't expect much mouse trouble, except maybe cleaning up the odd bits.
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                              Originally posted by tattoomike68
                              Cats rule.

                              We had a fair number of chipmunks/ground squirrels around our place in the year that we've lived there. They took up residence in my woodpile, and in the woods around the house, weren't hurting anything, and were kinda fun to watch.

                              I hadn't really noticed a dwindling population until one morning wifey went out to get the paper, a couple minutes later she came back in the door all sorta white faced and sad looking.
                              Just as she'd walked by the woodshed a chipmunk scurried across the drive just in time to be flattened by a big orange cat that had been sitting on top of the woodpile.

                              I had noticed the cat around a bit, and finally put 2 and 2 together with a noticeable drop in the rodent population in the previous weeks.

                              By later this fall the rodent population was completely gone.


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                                Originally posted by Tinkerer
                                Ok it's looking at what you read and snooping thru your files... are you sure it's not a Rat from the Government?
                                To ketch... place pork rhine under propped up bucket should have it trapped shortly... Dem Rats can't pass up Pork.
                                Well Tinkerer, I will agree with you to a point. Everyone knows you can't use a bucket, it has to be a barrel for the pork.