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$($*%..I've Got A Mouse!

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  • $($*%..I've Got A Mouse!

    Okay...I pride myself on being a clean and neat guy.

    So here I am in my study and when I move a book what do I find but %($*&$ mouse poop.

    Darn it!

    Then I look in a filing cabinet...hmm....more mouse poop.

    Double darn it!

    Okay I am looking for ways to get this mouse and any of his friends.

    Give me ideas for traps, what works, what doesn't.

    No poison...don't want the stink of the decaying bodies.

    No guns...don't want to be filling holes in walls.

    No pets, no kids in this part of the house so any traps will be free to do what they do best.

    I will give credit to those whose ideas work.

    Does mouse hunting season have a limit?

    Thanks for any info, help or jokes you can offer.


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    get a cat like OURS, then take cat by the tail and beat mouse to death.
    Excuse me, I farted.


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      Ordinary mouse trap, baited with peanut butter.


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        Mouse trap baited with peanut butter, This is a no fail, Put the trap along a wall they are traveling or around the area your finding their "gifts" Last time I did this it took less than 10 miniutes from the time I turned the lights out till one dead mouse.



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          Regular old mouse trap loaded with creamy peanut butter. If you got 'em this'll get 'um.


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            Bruce,LOL, You type faster than me.



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              Ok it's looking at what you read and snooping thru your files... are you sure it's not a Rat from the Government?
              To ketch... place pork rhine under propped up bucket should have it trapped shortly... Dem Rats can't pass up Pork.
              Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                With the arctic weather we've had the past two weeks our cat has gone nuts trying to get under the dishwasher - he hears mice under there, and droppings have shown up here and there. I set out a trap and in four days I got four mice. They follow the electrical and gas penetrations into the cupboards but have no way to get into the house. It's been two days now and no fifth mouse.

                We have a lot more raccoons than we did two weeks ago, too. With everything frozen they had no water to drink and digging food (slugs, grubs, bugs...) isn't possible with the ground frozen, so they sit on the deck staring in the sliding glass door hoping for a handout. We did put out some water for them, but the young ones from this year's crop need to know hunger and foraging, so no treats except the peanuts they steal that we'd put out for the birds.

                I finally took a dozen eggs out to the back yard and planted them in the bushes all over the place - they found them all and the young ones got a lesson in foraging.


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                  Yep, mouse trap next to the wall. I have one that I don't even bait anymore, they manage to get in where the pipes are- take two steps and SNAP! Dead mouse.

                  With Superman it is kryptonite, with my wife it is mice (it is actually a phobia). Our cat used to catch them, but if my wife saw it she would throw such a screaming fit that it would scare the cat (mouse and me too) so bad that now it figures mice are best left alone!

                  Of course, after such an episode no one in the house is allowed to rest until said mouse is gone! I have found that they do not disappear like it seems, but will stay next to a wall and any sort of cover next to that wall- drapes, furniture, table legs, etc. A shoe works pretty well for dispatch.

                  There was one that we repeatedly tried to kill with no luck; the little sucker could duck too fast- finally opened the front door and "herded" it outside (your wife has to see it cross the threshold or the carcass in order to be credible).

                  So all in all- I suppose it is best that our cat has sworn off mice! Now, no one suspects a thing until SNAP! Dead mouse. Wife screams. Husband takes dead mouse outside and reloads trap. Back to bed.

                  Happy hunting!


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                    We got them in the garage about 10 years ago and I had good luck with sticky traps. A lot of the time they would not kill them, but a pellet gun took care of that.


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                      Glue traps - work well here. Normal thing, they can get in just about anywhere.
                      Merkel, Tx


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                        That got me to thinking....

                        I am retired from one of the big three auto companies, where I worked in maintenance on the night shift. Before we got a computer in our crib, we would have to go into the offices to use their computers (looking up part numbers, you know).

                        Someone had left an open half bag of pretzels on their desk, which I didn't pay attention to until the second or third night that I saw it. Just happened to have a bit of 1/32" diameter rubber gasket material in my pocket, which I cut to about the proper poop length with my pocket knife. Took one of the pretzels and crushed part of it with my knife. It looked like an actual mouse feeding site. If you examined the poop closely, you could tell it wasn't really poop, but who ever looks at poop closely?

                        I did notice on the next night that not only were the pretzels gone and that desk cleaned up, the general housekeeping at the other desks had improved!


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                          Better mouse trap!

                          The peanut butter usally works but not allways. I had one trickey mouse that repeatidly licked the trap clean. I have been trapping things since I was big enough to walk. I know how to set a hair trigger. This mouse was like Scotty he could beam up the peanut butter and never get caught. They have some new Glue traps with the stickeyest glue you have ever seen. Set one near the wall in the closet was not long that we heard him fussing. We set one in the pantry. The neighbors dog came over and went in to get a treat. He stepped in it and then glued his foot to the side of his face. He was running on three leggs bawling and I like to have never caught him to get it off. Had to cut the hair on the side of his face. I really do think these are the best mouse trap that I have ever used.
                          Byron Boucher
                          Burnet, TX


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                            Originally posted by dp

                            I finally took a dozen eggs out to the back yard and planted them in the bushes all over the place - they found them all and the young ones got a lesson in foraging.
                            Those young raccoons are going to be messed up if you keep doing weird sh1t like that.


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                              I think the glue traps are illegal in Washington state. Everything else is, too. They're inhumane. Seems like mole and gopher traps are also illegal...


                              I hate setting a mole trap and finding a cougar in it the next day

                              We have a lot of hobo spiders here and the glue traps are very effective on them. They do get a few mice as well, but I expect that's because the mice are after the spiders. I seem to get about one hobo bite a month. The poison stays under the skin quite a long time and once in a while I'll scratch an itch and cause it to move around under the dermis and it starts to itch and sting like crazy. Sorry about the mice but I'm going to keep putting out the spider traps!