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    Instead of "pay a small fee for an ad" OR "only magazine subscribers can post ads", why not make ad posting "free" for magazine subscribers, but charge a fee for non-subscribers. IE: "Membership has its privileges".

    Please have an alternative to PayPal. I don't use that service and don't really want to start. I'd pay an annual fee to be able to post ads, if it isn't free for subscribers.

    FWIW: I subscribe to HSM and MW, but not DM. The Internet is great, but so are printed magazines. Dunno about most here, but I don't have Internet in the Library. (read: bathroom)


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      It would be nice to have a for sale section. It's nice to see some of these machine and tooling go to home users.



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        I also would like to see a for sale / wanted section, and I'd be willing to pay a modest fee to post the occasional ad.

        A VERY modest fee!


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          I'm not a fan of stickies either.

          But, there is a proper place, the FAQ page on the top bar.

          As far as shoving the glacier, it might be pointed out that many other boards have a "for sale" page for private sales, and some have a commercial sale section, for sponsors (presumably at some cost). If you are driving members to other boards to sell their stuff, they will be spending less time here.


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            I'll never subscribe to another magazine either.
            I used to have a lot of subscriptions...but got tired of the magazines being a month or more late...and in the past years...getting them only to find they were very well read before I recieved them.
            I'd love to get HSM magazine.
            Darin (weirdscience) sent me a box full of old ones awhile back.
            I still read those. They are a great magazine.
            But...I fear that the postal employees will like them also.
            Therefore and hencewithmanymuches(I just made that up) ...
            I'd pay some kind of user fee for the For Sale section.
            I have tools I don't even know I own...


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              A board to post wants would be nice !!!!



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                I think the paid ads/free ads for subscribers is a great idea. It would be a great resource and I have a few goodies I'd like to unload, err, sell to a loving home... and there are a lot of things I'd like to buy from fellow entheusiasts.

                And in case you're counting, I used to buy HSM and MW at the news stand years ago, then when I 'found' this site I wound up subscribing to both of them. Wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the site.


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                  I was about to add an on-line classifieds area to my blog. Seems like it would be popular here even as a for-fee offering. I can't think of any reason the publishing company can't make a little cost covering profit from such an offering.


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                    Originally posted by Pete F
                    I will go on record and say that I would not have subscribed to this magazine (or even known about it) without this site.

                    Same here. And one reason I keep subscribing is because I use this site a LOT. Plus, I do read the magazines.

                    andy b.
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                      How about 4 free "For Sale" posts per year with a years paid subscription?
                      Thats 1 post per quarter, but would require a coded number from your mailing label to register?


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                        Since they're free, I'll offer a thought or two.

                        Point 1:
                        As has been mentioned, many subscriptions have resulted from folks who discovered this forum. The forum gets the word out about HSM et cie.

                        Point 2: If guys have no tools, they will likely at least not grow any interest in keeping a subscription current over time, so an active "for sale" section would help VP too. Allowing "for sale" posts is a decision, not an investment (costs zero money essentially).
                        The decision boils down to competition between "for sale" posts here vs. classified ads in the magazine.

                        Point 3:
                        Back in the day, a classified ad in the magazine was one of a few outlets to sell something. The scene has changed obviously, evidenced by the demise of a lot of newspapers which could not weather the storm of the internet age. I'm sure the powers that be have reasons that I likely wouldn't consider, but to me it seems a bit like culture lag to hold onto the idea of not allowing ads somewhere on the forum. No offense meant - just my own feeling.

                        Free selling on CL is a big deal. eBay used to be a similar big deal but they want such a big cut anymore that it no longer suits folks who just want to thin the herd a bit. CL is pretty much local only, so there are obvious limitations, but it fits a niche too. eBay once was something great for everybody, but it appeals to volume sellers much more these days and the little guy gets ripped I think.

                        I would really like to see an auction site take over the market that eBay used to serve. There is a void there and nobody seems to be able or want to replace it. If I had my druther, I would like to see VP start an auction site to serve that void where a mass of tool sellers went to trade there goods and let VP get a fair cut and make profit from it. However, I've seen a lot of small eBay clones start up and just eventually die off. Unfortunately that would be the likely path if an auction type of thing were started by VP unless they did something clever that would give it the right spark. Maybe they could pull it off and I think that would be GREAT. I would definitely sell stuff on it and be happy to pay VP a fair percentage. Trying to rake in a big cut like eBay gets would doom it from the start of course (why do that when you can just go to eBay). There is eBay-like software out there that they could check out. I would think that if they could work this out, VP could bring in much more than magazine classifieds would. I know there would have to be a set of rules to work out, but that can and should be done. They could even work out a deal with vendors who advertise in the publications to sell their wares on it. That way folks who are not subscribers would be exposed to those vendors here. Seems fair for VP to get a fair share from the vendors for that exposure too. Currently, those vendors get zero exposure here, right?

                        Short of that, I feel that requiring payment or subscription to post ads would just keep the pool smaller. Just guessing, but I doubt the payoff would be much. I think it would be best to just allow free ads (for individuals) and leverage that feature of the forum to create more exposure to the public to increase magazine sales. If this is the place to come to see what is for sale, then that would have to be good for VP in terms of exposure.

                        It's true that there isn't much mention of the publications on this forum, so making that more visible than it is now would definitely be a good idea. I'd recommend it not be a big flashing banner ad, but rather something in reasonable, larger font along the top of the page (or somewhere more visible but still inoffensive) that is always present. Subtlety would soak in eventually. No need to chase people off trying to reach folks the first time in the door.

                        One example not to follow: PM. The way that site has evolved has run me off. I haven't even looked at it in a couple years. HSM forum is still quite fun. VP is doing that right. Kudos.

                        So anyway to sum up my opinion - either allow free classified posts and increase exposure and magazine subscriptions, or set up an auction type of page and make some additional income (also increasing exposure). In either case, make subtle mention of the publications and how to subscribe to them (a link) omnipresent.

                        It seems that something, some way, to buy/sell tools here is long overdue. I think VP is missing out honestly. I'm sure it would be very popular. How could that hurt?
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                          Theres a magazine? First iv heard of this.. -_-;
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                            So, would it be viable if a couple of dozen "Paid" for the service?? I highly doubt it. Thank heavens for Sir Johns site in the UK, Haven't bought anything from it, BUT have been able to help numerous people with info.

                            Thanks John,Gert and your Lad, an invaluable FREE service.

                            Regards Ian.
                            You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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                              The idea of a "subscriber's area" which includes the classifieds is very reasonable.

                              I notice that the classifieds in the magazine are about teh total size of one of the smaller page advertisements.... so any loss of revenue there is probably not a huge issue. And, of course, "subscribers" have "already paid" a significant entry fee.

                              There are options.....

                              1) ONLY subscribers could access the section at all

                              2) ONLY subscribers could POST ads, but anyone can read them

                              In terms of adding readership, there is an argument to be made that the second option is better, in that tool-less potential shop-starters could start to set up that way, instead of drifting away. it retains the benefit of encouraging readership...

                              And there is the "members club" effect of option 1.

                              One significant issue with classifieds, which is evident on PM..... Dealers getting free ads there. You don't want to cut your throat with free services, subtracting a number of regular adverts from the magazine.

                              There is one person at PM who posts ads in the PM classified, and is evidently a dealer, even though he represents himself as selling off his shop..... So many tons are said to have moved that it looks like he is really a dealer, and his ebay activities apparently confirm it. You don't want that.
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                                Heck I didn't even know there was a magazine until I found this website.

                                NOW I'm going to subscribe to the MAG.

                                I for one would REALLY like to see a buy/sell forum added to this site.
                                I'm in it for the parking....