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  • NO Smoke Cutting Oil

    I'm sure I have read something about this before on this forum, but I am not figuring out how to search.

    What kinds of oil and/or lubricant/coolant can be used on the mill or lathe which don't generate so much smoke.

    I confess to using mainly motor oil, but there must be something better.

    Not talking about aluminum here or cast iron, just plain unknonium iron.

    Any favorites?
    Vitَria, Brazil

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    I've been using Accu-Lube 2000 and like it pretty well. It is used VERY sparingly so there is little possibility of smoke, occasionally a wisp if it is applied heavier than normal. This oil is more expensive than some but because so little is used, a gallon is a lifetime supply for a home shop. It works especially well on slitting saws, not clear why but the difference compared to dark cutting oil is surprising. Works fairly well for tapping too. (Avoid Accu-Lube Synth, it removes paint.)

    Accu-Lube sells an expensive low volume pump for commercial application but in my home shop I just dab a drop on and spread it around.

    Location: Newtown, CT USA


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      Motor oil is not a good cutting oil. If your using it for normal lathe turning you don't need oil. If your threading or parting off you need a good sulfur based cutting oil. Most cutting operations on a mill will require a cutting oil or some type coolant.

      All oils smoke when they get past the break down temp. I use sulfur oil and a chlorine based cutting oil and a special oil for SS.
      It's only ink and paper


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        I use some generic rapidtap and it works well for all operations.. my cutoffs could be a little better though... I usally end up requireing a 1 drip per second application rate to keep cutoffs smooth without exccess chatter.
        It does smoke however when used at SFM rates you typicaly run carbide at, Not so much smoke however, and it doesnt smell perticularly bad. Doesnt smoke much at all when run at typical HSS cutting rates
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          I see on another forum that some are using diesel fuel sometimes mixed with animal fat or other things.

          Others are using kerosene, but it is much more expensive and perhaps not all that different.

          Anyone tried these?

          How much danger is there of something like this catching fire with the heat from cutting?
          Vitَria, Brazil


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            I've gotten some No Smoke cutting coolant from my Kimball Midwest supplier, thinking how nice that would be and guess what! It smokes!

            If it exists the Abomidable Snowman is probably hoarding it all! Merry Christmas



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              Try Rocol RTD paste.

              I am absolutely in love with the stuff and the paste will last a loooong time, the liquid doesn't last half as long as the paste and the paste sticks better to the work piece.

              Doesn't smoke much and smell's minty (kind off).


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                i use rocol RTD both paste/grease and oil ..
                and it does smoke .and it makes the chuck rust where the smoke wafts onto it ..

                it doesn't smoke on cutting threads .then I'm not "pushing" the lathe when i cut threads .

                all the best.markj


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                  I might be wrong, but, but, but, I always thought that Smoke means that heat is being removed from the part and tool.
                  Tom M.


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                    Arguably the best of all cutting oils is Lard Oil. It's still available and is completely non toxic. If it smokes it has a faint aroma of pork but it really has to be cooking to do that.

                    These people supply pure lard oil in 5 gallon containers.

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                      Yeah, use bacon grease. At least then you can enjoy the smell.

                      Lard is my last name BTW.

                      Actually I kinda like the smell of the oil burning. Mine is just a generic "Dark Cutting Oil".
                      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                        This is all great information. Thanks a lot.

                        My biggest problem is that I am in Brazil and can't just order what I want.

                        Maybe I can look into buying animal fat in bulk and diluting it with kerosene or something. They must have it here somewhere.

                        Anytime you need a part or something here everything takes about six times as long to find, if you can find it. But it's nice to be able to make your own stuff.
                        Vitَria, Brazil


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                          When I am using really small drills and endmills in copper or aluminum I use kerosene brushed on with an acid brush. I dont think it would help for stainless or regular steel though, could be wrong.

                          As for lard, I think the only negative I have ever read about it is if you dont cleanup really well, it will have the tendency to attract small critters looking for a meal.


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                            For the no smoke aspect, I bought one gallon of Trim SC 300 coolant about fiove years back, and mix it 20 to 1 with water in a spray bottle (20 parts water!). You can go 10 to 1 it sticks better. Makes a great turning or milling cutting fluid, no smoke. As noted, one gallon at $30.00 has lasted fove years, and I still have almost 1/2 gallon left. BYTW, no rust when 10 to 1, but a bit sticky. Clean it off as you would normal cutting oil work.
                            CCBW, MAH