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Tapping titanium

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  • Tapping titanium

    I'm tapping 2-56 blind holes,.25 titanium.Any suggestions on tapping fluids?
    Thanks for any advise.

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    Working at Johns Hopkins Univ I taped 0-80 in stainless steel. I found that forming taps worked best. Forming taps do not cut the thread they deform the metal so there are no chips and the tap is stronger not haveing flutes ground in to them, for bottom taping they make them with a small grove to release the pressure that may build up. I used regular cutting oil. Titanium has a tendency to gumm up the cutting edge of normal tool steel. Forming taps are good for work hardening material where the local heat built up on the cutting edge causes the metal to harden and make the metal harder than the cutting steel. They claim that the threads are stronger due to the fact that the metal is not cut. Bath makes these taps and should be available thru MSC. Good luck



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      Most of the Tap Magic products work good, Valenite Valtap (ask the Valenite rep for a free sample). Only metal you really have to be careful with is Magnesium (reacts badly with some stuff) and some products stain Aluminum.

      A roll forming tap is stronger (works great on Aluminum), but I am unsure if Titanium can be tapped this way. A good powdered metal tap should have no problems - try a good sharp HSS tap on scrap first and experiment with the cutting fluids you use now. Better to learn on scrap that something with big time in it.

      KBC and Travers both have roll forming taps.



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        Realton. Get it at fastenall. Used it many times on Titanium for 5-40 taps. Take it real easy tapping.
        CCBW, MAH


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          I'm currently using a 2-flute spiral point tap to start with and I'm going with a 4-flute bottom tap to the final depth.I've just recently come across an old bottle of Cimtap a Cincinnati Milacron product that is pinkish in color and it seems to be working alot better than the Tapmatic fluid.
          The tapping action is fine and smooth until I start backing out,it's like it wants to grab.Hav'nt broken any yet.Like I mentioned before these are #2-56's and I'd love to try a roll tap but I don't recall seeing any this small.Thanks again for the info.