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  • AXA toolpost

    Isn't a Phase II AXA toolpost set usually $99 from Enco? Currently $135 with free shipping.

    Or do I have old prices in my brain?

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    I'm getting $145.95 on their website. Even with the 10% off AND free shipping, that's a bit more than the $89 shipped free I paid about a year ago.

    I don't know about the quality on the toolpost, but the extra holders have been okay from cdco tools (you just need new setscrews). They've got a sale on for $75 (but no free shipping)

    Last time I ordered I kept playing with quantities to find the sweet spot on shipping. At $8 those AXA tool holders are still looking pretty good.


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      Funny - I looked at that and thought the same thing - I got the piston one for $89 a little over a year ago. (I did put in a $300 order earlier tonight for the double discount dip)

      Second on the $8 holders from cdco being fine.


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        Second on the $8 holders from cdco being fine.
        For the most part, I found the same, but one of a batch I received had the dovetail cut incorrectly and was useless......



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          Yeah, the Phase ll tool posts in the "hot deals" flyer have been creeping up for the last several months --- still a long way from Aloris!

          I'm having excellent luck with the CDCO holders also -- that is, except for the set screws.
          If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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            I have a Phase II tool post and a lot of holders from CDCO but has anyone bought the CDCO tool post? I bought a box of 100-10x1.5x20 mm set screws from Enco right after I got some CDCO holders and have used about half of them now.
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              I bought the B.. size earlier this year from ENCO for $118 and am quite happy with it. I use the extra holders from CDCO and also am quite happy with those.

              About the Enco price increases, they have one every Jan 1. last year it was about average 8% across the board. I shudder to think waht they are going to do this year. I'm anticipating what I'll need this year and getting it while the SAVETEN discount is in effect.

              By the way, when you think about it, even with the price increases, free shipping and no sales tax is unbeatable! ( the sales tax relief also has the side benefit of keeping money out of the hands of the enemy)