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  • Boring bars

    This week and last week I spent time working on updating by boring bars. I had some boring to do on large diameter tubing to do. I have had these bars for a long time but I had not set all of them up to use on my current lathe. I used many of them at work before I retired. The only factory bar I have is the one in the photo in the lathe. It's a beast. The others in the other photo are home made, well, some at work too.

    The two on the left in the last photo I just made last week. They have a 90 deg end and a 45 deg end. I like the double end bars as you can guess from the photos.
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    It's only ink and paper

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    These are the largest and smallest. I have many in between.

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      Boring bars, a necessary evil and sometimes they are very evil, at least it seems they are. Chatter, vibration and squeal and sometimes you can't get them to shut up and cut clean.

      So far this boring job is going ok. The tubes were 6.5" OD and 8" OD and they are turning real nice.

      I need to buy a 3/8" dia insert type bar some time.
      It's only ink and paper