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  • Aluminum Question

    Is 6061 t6 aluminum the same hardness throughout or is the hardness a surface treatment? Where can I do a bit of reading about aluminum and the various states of hardness and toughness?

    Thanks, Dennis

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    The treatment is thru the material.


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      I do not believe that T6 temper for 6061 alloy is a surface treatment. There may be a hardness distribution throughout the material thickness, but it should not be very significant. If you have some time to spare, search on a subject of aluminum temper or heat treating. You will find tons of information.

      Regards, Mike


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        6061 is a all purpose aluminum, used by most people because its easy to machine and can be welded. You can go to McMaster-carr site. Type in aluminum. When the page opens up scroll down to the area that gives a general description of some types of aluminum.

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          All heat treated aluminum alloys are heat treated throughout the bulk of the metal. In sections under about 2" thickness the properties will be substantially the same all the way through. Thicker sections will be slightly less strong in the centre because of slower cooling during quenching.
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            There is a superficial Surface hardness that is caused by the Oxygen reacting with Aluminum to form Aluminum Oxide (abrasive material ).
            This is not true of the core material.
            It also explains why old Aluminum is sort of tough to "abrade"
            It also can be a benefit for sliding operations like storm windows.

            Green Bay, WI