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Not OT (metal-related) but far out

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  • Not OT (metal-related) but far out

    The electric range I have did a weirdo. Took out the racks (per mfrs directions) before it was cleaned (high temp, door locks, etc).

    Well, when I went to replace the racks I found that they are no longer wide enough. They will span the supports on the oven walls but if a load is placed on a rack the rack shifts enough that the rack collapses against the next lower one.

    Unconcerting, if not a tad dangerous.

    The racks are made from porcelain-coated steel.

    Don't see any possible way to spring the oven walls back.

    I need to add about 3/8" to the rack's width. Considering:

    (1) grind off the porcelain as needed, drill a few holes and bolt on another piece of round stock to have a double rail on one side (no space between these rails). Would stainless be a better choice than mild steel (considering the repeated heat applications)?

    (2) Locally heat the rail on one side and bend it outwards (I have an oxyacetylene torch) the necessary amount to offset the wider spacing between the oven walls. Can I just heat it all or does the porcelain have to be removed? Will the porcelain crack with this treatment?

    (3) Other, and I am sure, better ideas.

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    I would contact the range maker, regardless of the age of the range. They may have had a recall (which you may have never known). That issue should NEVER happen if you followed the instructions to the letter. I would demand that THEY fix it.

    But that's just me.


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      do the side panels have tabs that are supposed to slide into slots on the back panel?
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        Heat & bending will surely crack the coating. But it's out on the edges so it shouldn't make functional problems. Adding material should work too, but you'll have similar dis-figuration of the racks Possibly just need to attach a couple two or three-inch pieces. I'd recommend stainless only because mild steel will likely be rusty eventually. My creative juices aren't flowing today (if I ever had any) so I can't think of any clever solutions.

        If it's new enough to be concerned about the finish, I'd echo garagemark's advice and look at warranty or exchange.


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          Wrap some iron tie wire around the outer rack rails in a few places. If you can find some SS wire even better.
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            You sure you're not putting the racks in turned 90 degrees?


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              Racks will only go in one way (too wide to work at 90 degree rotation)

              Intriguing idea - I never thought about going to the mfr/seller. Opens a whole new chapter. I'll enjoy the season and then start a letter writing campaign.

              Thanks for the ideas.


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                One time I was rebuilding a truck rear end and it just would not fit right. I told the shop manager that I would have to machine a part to make it fit. He said, "that's mighty strange that parts directly from the factory that have fit for years before don't fit now. Go back and see what your doing wrong." Well, after some thought and experimenting I found I was assembling it wrong.

                I am going to say perhaps your doing something wrong since the shelfs worked fine before you removed them and now they don't.

                Your doing something wrong you haven't seen yet. Look and think.
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                  Are the racks the same size?
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