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Opinions on this milling insert SEHW43

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  • Opinions on this milling insert SEHW43

    GMT is offering a 45 degree face mill that uses this insert, SEHW43 Grade K2885.

    I am not familiar with these inserts.

    Any one using this shape/grade of insert?

    Your opinions please...

    Thanks for your help,


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    From the Glacern website:

    Originally posted by Glacern Website
    SEHW43 Grade K2885 - General purpose grade, excellent for both roughing and finishing of steels and cast iron. Cemented carbide substrate is wear and impact resistant. Can be used with or without lubrication. (SEHW43A6T-K2885)

    And here you can get an idea of what it looks like:

    Usually pretty pricey, although it looks like Carbide Depot has some good deals. I've never ordered from here before, since I don't really like using carbide if I can help it, but I think others have recommended it.


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      I use SEHW inserts in a Kennametal facemill. They're pretty cheap on Ebay.

      This is a picture I posted awhile back of some of the milling inserts I use. Top center is a normal SEHW insert. Bottom center is the Sandvik proprietary version that I use in an RA-245 (45° lead angle) shear mill. The Sandvik version of the SEHW uses a carbide shim, so it's more tolerant of crashes.

      Top right is an SEHW ultra high-positive aluminum finishing insert. They'll put a mirror finish on aluminum, but as you can probably tell by the thin, unsupported edge, they're extremely fragile:

      This is the middle SEHW insert on a Kennametal facemill, decking an old cast iron surface plate on my Millrite (3/4-sized Bridgeport). The chatter marks on the bottom row are because the plate is wider than the Millrite's table, so it's unsupported. I fixed that by buying a much bigger mill (an Excello 602)

      ...and the middle strip is the same faceplate after the Sandvik RA-245, with a wiper insert:

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