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    I'm working on an old Silver King tractor that has a brake problem. Got a new brake drum about done, but I need a lining.

    This is of the external contracting band type of outfit. What would be a suitable lining material? Can it be bonded, and if so, what type of glue do they use?

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    Go to a brake relining company and get some of the flexible type lining. You might find it online. It looks and feels like a thick cloth belt.
    It's only ink and paper


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      Is Toledo Clutch still on Washington Street? You used to be able to buy bulk brake lining at most auto parts stores.
      Jim H.


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        J.C. Whitney used to have that stuff in their antique car/Model A section.


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          Toledo Clutch & Brake didn't seem too interested in helping us, even though they relined the brakes when we originally restored the tractor 30 years ago. "Something happened" (which I barely remember) where one brake drum disintegrated and messed up one of the two linings on that side. I'm turning out a new drum, but will need some lining. We have some linings from a John Deere Model 'B' tractor, but those aren't very flexible and are meant for an internal expanding type of setup. I do believe we can make it work if we have to, but I'd rather have the flexible stuff if we can find it.

          Might check out JCW company and see what they have. We need a single piece 2" wide by 8" long.


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            Jim, how did you make out on your trip to Alaska this summer? Did you get that honking big Snow engine home ok?
            Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


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              Originally posted by jdunmyer
              We need a single piece 2" wide by 8" long.
              McMaster Carr part# 6175K115 at $4.64 per foot.


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                x's2 for McMaster,they also have the tubular rivets needed to hold them on.
                I just need one more tool,just one!


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                  The Alaska trip was great, 11,500 miles in 8 weeks. We want to do it again. :-)

                  Fasto & W.S.,
                  Thanks for the McMaster tip!!


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                    I googled for "woven brake lining," and came up with some possible links, including this one:


                    The old Model A stuff was, I think, called "Scandinavia" lining, but I'm not sure it exists any more because it was probably asbestos.


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                      McMaster-Carr has it in several types and grades on the bottom of page 3450 of their online catalog. The strips come up to 15 feet long, so they must be flexible to some extent.

                      Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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                        If I'm not mistaken the differential steering brakes on old Oliver crawlers are a similar type of external band as on your Silver king. You might try calling Zimmerman Oliver Cletrac and ask.


                        andy b.
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                          Drum is done

                          The brake drum is finally completed. It's 7" diameter, 2" wide, the hub projects about 5/8" on one side and is recessed about 1/2" on the other. The hole is 1 15/16" with a keyway and setscrew.

                          The scrap yard had a chunk of steel 8" diameter and 3" thick, perfect for my use. HOWEVER! It was some of the nastiest machining stuff I've ever put a toolbit to. Blue, stringy chips that are quite brittle, they break easily when you bend them. Preferably while wearing leather gloves!

                          I cut the keyway by broaching it in the lathe. Had thought about making a bushing for my Dumont broach, but am glad I didn't, as it would probably have wrecked the broach. As it was, it took seemingly forever and the toolbit needed grinding several times. It not only dulled, but actually chipped.

                          Milled a notch in the projecting hub to allow use of a snap ring pliers for installation (you'd have to see it to understand). Yeah, it's kinda hacked in, but it wouldn't have been easy to do it any other way, given the material. As it was, the 1/2" carbide endmill was throwing nasty blue chips


                          We did get the lining from McMaster Carr, arrived in only 2 days. Gotta do a bit of blacksmithing work on the brake band, then rivet the lining on and we're ready for assembly.

                          Here's some pics of a Silver King restoration done by another fella. The first shows the brake components, the second shows them assembled.