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How to mount a vacuum cleaner nozzle?

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  • How to mount a vacuum cleaner nozzle?

    I have been mulling this question over in my mind. Thinking about trying to catch the chips on both the lathe and the mill. Has anyone done this? The mill seems a little more straight forward as the cutter is fixed and the material moves. Some time back there was a reference to a cheaper Noga type camera mount. I have not been able to find that reference. That would appear to be one way to readily position the holder for the mill.

    A rear mount tool post attachment for the lathe seems to have some merit.

    Has anyone done anything like this?
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    That was probably me. I have three of those Bogen (Manfrotto) Magic Arms, and I use them all over the shop now.

    Here's one holding my "sky cam" over the lathe:

    I have it mounted on the wall with a jointed extension arm so it can reach anywhere over the lathe.

    Here's another holding the vac attachment at the mill:

    I just made up a bunch of aluminum dovetail plates to fit the quick release holder so I can handle a variety of different things from air blow nozzles to propane torches. The Magic Arm makes a great third hand at the bench.
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      Hmm, Iv made a similar but larger scale arm outta bits of tubing and square channel, long before I got my mill for holding peices in precise arbitary positions for welding... i'll take some pics if anyone is intrested
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        coat hanger.....stainless tig rod if trying to impress.BW


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          For what its worth here is what I did using 1" PVC pipe and 3/4" Loc-line. I think Frank's setup is better, though. Magic arms definitely going on the want list. Thank you Frank. Regards, Earl

          If I did the photos right, that is.


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            Would there be any problems with static discharges when sucking up chips?

            I am thinking of machining plastic on a cnc mill.
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              Probably with just about anything dry. I have been shocked many times over the years from static from my shop vac and can always see dust on the outside of the hose standing up as a result of the charge. Possibly adding a ground strap with a current limiting resistor or a static drag chain on the underside might help cut down on static buildup.

              Originally posted by Davidhcnc
              Would there be any problems with static discharges when sucking up chips?

              I am thinking of machining plastic on a cnc mill.
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