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    first off hello to all my name is scott abshire, and i am a new member. i have a question concerning old hendey lathes. is there any suppliers or companys that handle parts for the older hendey lathes? the lathe is a14x48 i am not sure of the age but guessing 1940 or older. any help on this would be greatly appreciated. thank you scott abshire.

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    Contact HendeyMan (James McDermet) on PM Antique.
    Give him your serial number, and he has the build cards for your lathe.
    He also has some parts and most of the part blueprints.



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      thanks dozer

      really appreciate the help there dozer, really looking forward to getting this old lathe back in working order, thanks for the help again.


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        Sorry, I couldn't resist posting this. Ahh those were the days! I do believe those are 14X48 Hendeys there in the front. Of course, quite a line of EE's also.
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          Wrong picture, those are Lodge and Shipleys, here are the Hendeys, and they are 14 X54 ,Sorry about that.


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            Did you notice the Hendey Tool & Gaugemaker's lathe way back in the row of 10EE's?
            I would love to work at NASA.
            Maybe some day I will.

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              Here's a link to the archive with more pics. These are good pics and you can really blow them up to look at the detail.


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                Here is a web site dedicated to Vintage Henedy Machine Tools
                It also has the history of Hendey Mfg. and old man Hendey himself
                I think any Hendey owner would enjoy
                Donnie Hendey Owner SN 642

                Visit my site for machinist videos free charts & more

                Machinist Classifieds Free Listing


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                  I have a friend who is a leading machinist at NASA. Believe me,there are hacks there that have screwed up some of their expensively rebuilt EE's. They try to make turnings that are MUCH too heavy for those small spindles. It is a shame. They also have maintenance people who wreck valuable machines.

                  They took apart a new machining center. Couldn't get it working right again due to wiring problems they caused. I saw this NEW machine. It was subsequently taken outside and left UNCOVERED for the Goddard Space Center to collect. It sat there for MANY months and had barn yard rust all over its pristine surfaces by the time they got it.

                  The only things this machine ever made were special "tinker toy" joints that could be assembled in zero gravity. The designers changed their design,so hundreds of those parts sit unused Lista cabinets,never to be used.
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