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Cheap Dremel diamond wheel gives inserts new life

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  • Cheap Dremel diamond wheel gives inserts new life

    Having become a serious machinist wannabee only in the past half decade and using mostly carbide inserts on the lathe, I've never gotten into the habit of grinding my own HSS tools or sharpening the carbide inserts other than to hit them with a diamond hone when they needed it.

    But, the small pile (several dozen) CCMT, DCMT and TPG inserts sat there until I picked up a $14 Dremel diamond wheel some months back. Previously dead DCMTs have been given a new edge and a positive rake for a new life on aluminum. Works great. You can shape it into whatever you need, within the small physical constraints of the insert. Carbide threading inserts seem especially prone to chipping at the close to zero nose radius I run. With the diamond wheel they can either be brought back into use or turned into something else ... like a left - right chamfer tool.

    The point of this post is that the $14 diamond wheel gives a lot of bang for the buck. I'm sure I'm not the first to discover it but wanted to pass it along


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    Nifty.. I wonder when dremel will come out with CBN tooling!
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