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Custon Tap Required, Can't Find Thread on How to Make

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  • Custon Tap Required, Can't Find Thread on How to Make


    A little while back, I remember seeing a thread about making custom taps in the home workshop. I have a project that requires me to make a custom tap. I searched the forum, but can't find the thread (no pun intended).

    If I remember correctly the taps were relatively simple to make and had a chamfer ground on the end. Does this ring a bell with anybody?



    Merry Xmas Everybody!

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    Evan made a tap for the nuts on his mill out of an extra piece of threaded rod


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      Here's Frank Ford's process for making a custom 19mm x 2mm tap.

      Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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        I followed Frank's process (more or less) just yesterday to create a .820-32 Tap to tap a barrel on a Browning shotgun for their Invector Plus Choke system. Hardened the tap, and went to work on the barrel. Worked just fine, factory choke tubes spin in and work like it was all done by a machine back at Browning.
        The barrel had a after market trap (very high) rib on it that would have been a pain to deal with if I had wanted to just chuck the barrel up and thread it with a single point tool.

        Saved my $125 on the tap too!

        About the only difference was I put the flats on the end first, then stuck the piece in a collet to turn the threads. And I used a 5C collet block (four sided) to position the piece for the milling of the flutes, using a 1/2 inch ball nosed endmill, and running the flute to a depth of .150 inch.

        That was the size and depth of the flutes on a 7/8 inch tap I had on hand, figured if it worked on that, it would work on mine too, it being only a bit smaller.
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          I think the one Dave is looking for is another thread about smaller taps, without flutes-- they were just a hardened threaded rod with three or four facets ground obliquely on the end at about a thirty degree angle.

          I guess so, because I myself tried to find that thread not too long ago. I did find it, but don't recall what it was called...


          PS: Another, different thread on making taps by MacGyver:

          PPS: Ah, here we go...This is it. It was on PM, by GWilson and Conrad Hoffman.

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            Dr. Rob, that's the thread. Thank you very much.



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              FSD - Flat Surface Disease

              Oops, meant to start a new thread. Deleting. Sorry for error.
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