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Off Topic: New eldery shop dog. Need advice

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  • Off Topic: New eldery shop dog. Need advice

    Wifey did an animal rescue at the pound. Her soft heart picked the dog least likey to be adopted. Bless her heart. Her logic is this dog will serve out its final years in our pardise instead of the enevitable un-adopted demise.

    She's an eldery 9 yr old severely over weight (call it obese)Siberian Husky. She has never been spayed, we were told she had a litter just last year and it looks to me like she was used as a puppy mill. (Mill, there the post is now machine related ) I'd like to get her back in as best shape as I can with exercise and a new diet.

    It will involve "senior" type food and daily and nightly walks around our 13 acres as well as her being on a 150' run as she pleases whenever she wants out.
    What I want to now is what to expect as the poor thing weighs about a 100 pounds which according to Wiki, is almost TWICE her recommended wieght.

    Can this dog be "dieted back to normal?" She did come with a vet check-up that stated other than her wieght and age she was in good shape. I imagine that info could be biased toward the shelter as well in order to get her adopted, But she seems ok, shes happy to be here, she just "waddles" a little slow and old lady like and I'd like to help her with that if I could. PIX will follow in AM.
    Thanks, Mike
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    Elderly Addition

    Yup, like the rest of us, we are all getting "long in the tooth". But with an "old dog" diet, and exercise, I expect you will slowly see excellent results. My farm dogs all have gone over 12 before their demise, in shape and good company.

    Bless your wife


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      Hi oddball racing
      I am glad to see you wanting to help an old dog. Back in my younger days I used to raise German Shepard's and train them for family protection dogs. I also like dogs.
      Most of the time over weight is caused by no exercise and eating table scraps.
      Putting your dog on a diet will help her lose weight but she needs exercise or you will end up with a flabby dog with her brest dragging the ground.
      I would let the diet work on her for a while then ease into the exercise. The good thing about exercise is dogs love it if they see it as a game.
      Start out slow with walks then get into playing catch with her. I would let mine follow me on my 4-wheeler. What ever you do she will be right with you. But if you leave her alone she won't do much on her own.
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        Id recommend getting one of those old belt driven lathes and a treadmill, Hook the two togethor and you got 4 phase power! Well, 4 leg power anyway.

        Mush girl mush! gotta get a better surface finish.
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          A couple of things regarding Siberians, they are NOT reliable off lead. they love to run, and their idea of a "short" jaunt will take them 10 miles in no time (in our case he was found 10 miles away in less than two hours.)

          We bought a harness and have trained him to pull. a tire makes a good weight for training. That will help burn off a few more calories

          Unfortunately he had a tumor and we had to have him put down 2 weeks before Christmas. bummer. We still have one and she is so lonesome.

          The husky we had prior that one was overweight, diabetes is not uncommon among over weight dogs, so keep an eye out for excessive thirst and urination. Dogs can take insulin. ours lived to 14.5 even with the diabetes

          There are several websites with good husky info out there. read up on them and enjoy!


          Originally posted by oddball racing
          She's an eldery 9 yr old severely over weight (call it obese)Siberian Husky. She has never been spayed, we were told she had a litter just last year and it looks to me like she was used as a puppy mill. (Mill, there the post is now machine related ) I'd like to get her back in as best shape as I can with exercise and a new diet.


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            good generic dog knowledge:



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              You control the caloric intake.

              If are not a mesomorph, walk the dog, both of you will gain years out of that.

              Dieting a dog is easier than dieting the owner. I speak from experience.



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                Take it for what its worth, but my experience with my own overweight dog.

                2 sisters, half boxer half lab. Pretty girls.

                The one on the top was a food hoarder and would eat as much as she could, which was fine, then the littler one on the bottom started getting sick and the play slowed down and the big one got bigger and bigger and bigger. She got up to about 130lbs, then the little one died (kidney's were crap when she was born) and the big fat blob didn't have competition and was insanely depressed.

                I started taking her to the shop with me everyday, and she would follow me around, chase the rabits and the roadrunners and the squirrels and the lizards and the pigeons, she dropped 40 pounds in about 8 months, still free feeding.

                Now you don't know what the situation with this old girl was before, they may have been feeding her fat slabs off of roasts or had her penned where she couldn't run. She may have been in a small area with other dogs and just wolfed as much as she could as quick as she could so she could get some.

                I like the advice of letting it play out for a while, a healthy happy dog is generally pretty good at regulating their weight if they are kept active, even if the activity is just following you around all day.

                A quality food is also a must, google away, there is a lot of good advice out there, you want MEAT and WHOLE GRAINS. You can also cook for them, which I do on occasion and they make vitamin packs you can sprinkle in.

                Chicken and rice, boiled thighs with brown rice made in the broth, throw in some veggies, green beans or peas, a bit of salt and some garlic to ward off tics and fleas. Pork and apples, burger and rice. I'd make big batches and I'd eat "dog food" for the week.

                If you are feeding her wet food, canned green beans can be slid in as a low calorie filler.

                As for treats, most of them are crap. Snausages and pupperonis, those moist snacks and moist food are deadly for an animal. The crap they contain to retain moisture stays in their intestines and can dehydrate them horribly, and they are made with crap. You're better off tossing her a piece of meat or a corn chip(<-- not great, but its better than a snausage). Some dogs even like raw fruit.

                Just keep her happy and keep her busy.


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                  Take her to the vet. They will be able to calculate a diet based upon the dogs needs.

                  If after some time she does not seem to be losing weight, and you are following the diet and walking and exercising her, consider getting her thyroid checked.

                  A "good food" is hard to suggest, because peoples opinions of a good food are sorta like general opinions (and a$$holes), everybody's got one.

                  I personally feed Purina ProPlan or Purina One depending on what's on sale. The amount you feed can be specifically calculated based upon the dogs caloric needs.


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                    Originally posted by snowman
                    A "good food" is hard to suggest, because peoples opinions of a good food are sorta like general opinions (and a$$holes), everybody's got one.
                    Ok, but can we agree Old Roy is not "good food", with # 1 ingredient being corn meal? Or that "beneful" crap where the all the stuff they brag it has comes in on the ingredients underneath 'salt'.


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                      Awhile back I came across an interesting site regarding dog food.
                      From the site: "No food can magically be better than the ingredients used to make it, and the information on this site constitutes our opinion of those ingredients and the overall species-appropriate quality of the food.
                      The ratings given and comments made about the foods assessed on this site and ingredients listed are the opinion of the Editors, who are a small team of volunteers each with a long standing interest in dog nutrition."
                      I feed my pair of babies Horizon Legacy Adult Canine for two reasons, first and most importantly is it's a good quality dog food and second is it's produced locally and I like to support local industry.
                      I found I can buy Bologna sausage from the local grocery store cheaper than the specialty beef sausage "treat" for dogs, go figure!
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                        Can this dog be "dieted back to normal?"
                        You betcha. Wife was a dog breeder in a previous life. Get an adult formula and don't overfeed. It's amazing how little dog food a dog needs.

                        She was feeding her kennel raw food for a while. Raw chicken, pork, whatever was on sale. Wasn't much more expensive than a premium food. Chicken can be had for 40 cents a pound if you shop. Dog needs a pound a day, maybe 2 for a ginormous dog.


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                          We feed our three dogs pork neck bones in the morning. At night the small black lab mix(25 lbs) gets a ball of hamburger(about the size of a meatball) with a spoonful of the "Grind" we make.

                          The other 2 bigger dogs(Saluki mix and Lab/shepherd mix) get 1/4 lb of lean hamburger again get a spoonful of the "Grind"

                          The "Grind" consists of vegetables ground up using a food processor,(to aid digestion). Usually squash,carrots,turnips,eggplants,leafy greens,eggs(3-4) olive oil, and organ meat(liver/heart).It will have to be mixed as the heavier items will settle out.

                          We've used sweet potatoes,green beans,broccoli,green peppers or any vegetable in season.

                          It will look like guacomole gone bad, but the dogs love it, and lick their food bowls. We make enough to last for a month and freeze it in rubber maid containers.

                          Once a week, I feed them canned sardines and mackrel as the fish oils make for glossy coats.

                          Avoid giving your dog(s) chocolate as it becomes toxic and can severly affect their health. Onions and Garlic are another item to avoid along with Grapes and Raisins.

                          I've read that some artificial sweetners in gum can kill a dog if vet intervention is not done quickly.


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                            Avoid if possible feeding your dogs grain products(Wheat,Corn, and Rice) as it will fill them with carbs that are not needed in their diet.

                            Dogs are carnivores(meat eaters) but will benefit from home diets.Above all,feed no cooked bones as they tend to splinter.

                            Dogs need bone meal, and this can be achieved by supplying bones at least once a day.


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                              I'm compelled to say ruff ruff ruff.

                              We've fed our Labs dried food their entire lives as it keeps their teeth clean and white. We use the free or constant replenishment feeding style so the dog NEVER goes hungry and therfore doesn't start eating "just in case" he can't get something later. It's always there for them. Many times during the day he will walk over to the dish and take a few nibbles and that's the way they should eat, not one large meal.

                              If your dogs are overly energetic in he house that means they aren't getting enough exercise outdoors. If your dog doesn't get at least a morning and afternoon regimen of 20 mintues of playing fetch he goes nuts in the house. Enough exercise and he'll be more complacent in the home.

                              I feed my dog only a nibble from table scraps AT THE TABLE as I want him to wait for me and know who the Alpha dog is, me....Your Old Dog

                              Our dogs have not been spayed and have all remained thin. A lot of fixed pets get overweight and I blame it on the fixen they got.
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