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O ring drive belt.

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    That's right, they need to be under a lot of stretch to work right.
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      Agreed. When new, the o-ring was tighter. It hasn't been changed since I made the thing.

      One factor that does come into play is that when the ring is blown out like that, it does become a little tighter, so the lesser contact area with the driven pulley is at least partially offset by a little higher contact force. I don't know if that logic holds up, but it sounds ok right now

      My gut feeling says that even though the o-ring will work in this application, a flat belt would be better, and one with a fiber layer to resist stretching would be better still. I'd be inclined to go with a flat section on the driven pulley for best contact area with the belt, and rely on a humped drive pulley and maybe the idler too to keep the belt aligned. That's just my thought- I need to experiment more with this to see how well it would work in practice.
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