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Drill Doctor........again

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  • Drill Doctor........again

    OK, I got in touch with the drill doctor peoople again.

    My problems were...

    1) getting negative rake on small drills even after following directions to the letter

    2) Point splitting leaves a square untouched area with the original point in it, even if I split too far.

    I also had noticed that the chuck was VERY loose in the "sharpening tube", which probably explained some of the sharpening problems.

    So, I emailed them and explained the problems, using email so that I could explain clearly without people forgetting what was said.

    A representative responded and asked some questions, which I answered.

    After getting the lot number of the machine, the representative said they would ship me a new chuck and sharpening tube.

    Today I got two new chucks, with a different cam setup than the original. No sharpening tube.

    Using the smaller new chuck, I get approximately the same results as before sharpening, although it might be a *little* better.

    On the new chuck, the jaw noses do not line up, even when doing the 'turn-back" trick. At least one is out of line regardless, although the REAR of the jaws will come into line if "turned back".

    The chuck is still way loose in the old sharpening tube, maybe if they had sent a new one as they said it would have been better.

    The point splitting is still hosed, same as before. Evidently the tube is out of line, and the new chuck would be no help with that, of course.
    The drill should point right at the edge of the wheel, so it would cut to the center, but it misses. It looks pretty stupid next to a factory split drill, where the two cuts line up perfectly on center.

    Anyway, I have sent them the info per the above and we will see what happens. Maybe I will have to send them a drill sharpened with the POS so they can see what I mean...........

    So far, their solutions have been pretty much ineffective, but at least this time they are responding.......

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    I purchased a DD from Enco a couple years ago which had all the problems you mention plus the motor brgs sounded BAD. I called them (Drill Doctor) and let them hear it run. They said send it to them and they sent me a complete new machine! I asked them to sharpen a bit and send it to me. They split the point which hid the neg. rake which I am sorry to say I cannot get rid of. One of these days I am going to get back to them and see if the cam may be altered to correct this. I also am unable to make the point angle come anywhere near 118/135deg or whatever it is set for. My "offhand" sharpening is still far better, IMHO.


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      The latest is that they now say I just don't understand how to operate it.

      They say that their split point does not look factory but is fine (they have never seen what this POS does).

      They say my machine is not of the age to have the "other" problems(whatever those are).

      Finally, the technician is leaving that job for another, so I suppose I will start over with another person , IF I BOTHER.

      I said before that they were not standing behind their stuff and I will say it again.